Monday, August 31, 2009

What's going on in da Ozarks?

ollie...."It's my turn!"
biped...."No, it's my turn!"
annie...."Quit fighting you two and come to bed."

biped...."Grrrr that Shokei is brutal."
smudge...."Turn dat noisy thing off!"

biped...ollie...."ooops, sorry, giggle giggle."


Angel and Kirby said...

Itis no fun to have lots of noise at bed time!

Daisy said...

So what did you think of the $11,000 gazebo?!? Hahahaha!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

I will give my suggest on the 10, 689.00 gazebo on Thursday.
Come on everyone! What is Ollie and da Biped doing that's annoying the rest of the gang. BTW, gotta go it's my turn again.

The Island Cats said...

Are you playing some computer game??? We don't know!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

oooh, da Island Kitties are very very close.