Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Afternoon

heesh....."Da biped says that this plant isn't native to Missouri but we tink dat it is just a Missery weed dat's got it's Sunday finery on!"

annie...."And if you guess dat da biped isn't updating our bloggie because she's out dare doing dat geo stuff you're right. Uncle says she even has a new "handle". She officially know now as "Bug Bait!"


Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Bug Bait ... hee hee! Your Uncle is too funny! And if that is just a weed it sure is purty! We hope you all are having a great Sunday, it rained cats and dogs here in St. Louis ... sighs!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Angel and Kirby said...

Pretty 'weed'. Sorry your mom, Bug Bait, has deserted you!