Thursday, December 25, 2014

Secret Paws!

We didn't think Christmas would ever get here but it finally arrived.  Just like she promised we got to open our Secret Paw box from Angel Junior and his Mommeee.

Of course you know who had to grab the first toy out of da box.  Thank goodness there were lots of these toys so we could all have one.

There was lots of yummy fishies in the box.  And tins of catnip which Riley totally ignored.  More proof that he's not a cat.  We kept him busy hauling crinkle toys out of the box and into the bedroom.   We'll have fun wif dem tonight when da biped's trying to sleep and we're busy batting them around her room.

We think Ollie might of over done it with the  catnip fish.

All in all we had a great Christmas day, a lot of great toys from our Secret Santa Cat , and lets not forget the nummie treats for us and special diet food that might make Velcro kitty feel better .

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas too.  And Thank you Rhonda & Kitties for our box of goodies.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Someone had to tell him

Annie decides it's time to let Riley know that....

Anniecat....."Riley, You're a DOG."

Riley....."It's a lie!  Someone tell me it's a lie!"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Long Time Gone

It's been a long time since we got our biped to sit down and help us post on our blog.  Almost two years, with too much sadness and illness.  Da biped lost her humom last August, and then Dumb and Dumber must of missed Grandma because they left soon after.  Us cats are hanging in there but the bones are getting a little grouchy with age.
Heesh is almost 16 along with Annie and Ollie following close behind.  The biped must think we've lost our marbles because she keeps bringing home strange animals telling us that they're our new brother and sister cats.
This was the first "new" cat we got.  He came to live with us right after Dumb and Dumber left for the bridge.  Compared to this "cat" Dumb and Dumber were geniuses.
Get this!  He was so dumb that he had to go to school.  He's so dumb that he actually "LIKES" to be dressed up.
Riley....."You're just jealous cat cuz I have cuter clothes than you.."

Heesh....."Check out these new cats.  The biped doesn't let them come in the house, yet, but you never know when she'll weaken.  I mean there's that barking cat that moved in with us.
Heesh...."Well that's about all for the update.  Oh wait!  There was one good thing that happened in the last two years.  Da biped bought us our very own bun warmer, which Anniecat immediately claimed as hers.
Heesh....."Don't worry about Annie melting.  It's made special so you can't burn yourself."
Heesh....."We know that for a fact cuz we tried to stuff that new cat in it."