Tuesday, June 30, 2009


ollie...."It's real important that you drink lots of water during the summertime. We prefer da expensive bottled kind. It gives you a radiant complexion and extra floofy hair."

smudge...."Hmmm, maybe I've been hitten da bottle a wee bit too much!"

Tuesday in da Ozarks

smudge...."Hey, get dat tail outta my picture. Today is Smudgeday and I don't share my blogspace wif anycat."

biped...."We know you're not in a sharing mood Smudge. So far you've managed to bite me, bop sweet Annie, and give da evil eye to giggles. I tink you may be suffering from spring fever or sumthing."

smudge...."It's summertime biped. Don't you keep up wif things? And yes I'm sufferin, from undeniable handsomeness."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

GeoCaching or sumting like dat

annie...."so da biped got up early (miracle) and picked up uncle. Dey only had a little trouble finding the picnic place where dey met a lot of nice people. The closest one lives about sixty miles from us. There we people from St. Louis in da north to Springfield in da south."

annie...."Da biped won a door prize. Then she looked at da "prizes" dat da people find when dey go geocaching. This man was proud of all da jeeps dat he had found. Now da biped wants to see if she can find some little red Fords to leave as prizes."

annie...."Uncle and da biped had lots of fun so dey decided it might be sumthing dat dey'll do, just as soon as it gets a wee bit cooler."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Melting in da Ozarks

annie...."Annie here. Just hanging out trying to keep cool. Da biped has been in a fowl mood since her favorite quilt shop decided to go out of business. Now she has no place to go when she decides to hide from us. That is till tomorrow and she's going to try out a new hobby wif uncle. They're going on a picnic tomorrow wif some geocachers and we weren't even invited, course who'd want to be out there in the heat anyway.

annie...."Well friends, thanks for dropping by and checking up on us. Be sure to check back in to find out if da bipeds found their picnic or if they drive in circles all afternoon."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday Floof

On Yesterday's bloggie, Daisy the curly cat talked about using photoshop to tweak her pictures. Here's an example of a new photoshop program that's just been released by Corel. Its called Corel Paint Shop Pro X2. Right now you can download it for a free month long trial. The following picture is the "original" before being tweaked.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

annie....."Hey you'all look at da Jolly Green Giant!"
annie....."Da Jolly Green Giant, da Biped."
angel-dog....."What is she doing out there?

annie...."She mowing the yard."
Angel-dog...."It's awful hot. Look at how red her face is."
smudge..."Why is she running back and forth?"
annie...."Because she only has about a half hour to mow da lawn before her battery runs out of power."

annie...."Hey biped! You missed a weed over there."
smudge..."Missed a weed? Da whole lawn is weeds."
annie..."We live in Missouri. If it's green and in your front yard it's lawn. If it's outside the yard it's hay."
angel-dog...."Btw, its Thankful thursday. What are we thankful for?"
annie....."Dumb dog. We're thankful dat cats don't have to mow lawns."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wordless Cutie

Unrest in Da Ozarks!

That's right! Da poor arthritic dumb dog has put her foot down and claimed Giggles cushion as her own.

heesh...."Where's poor Giggles going to sleep now?"
ollie...."Maybe he's still there and Dumb is using him for extra cushion."
heesh...."Dat could explain da smile on Dumb's face."

Monday, June 22, 2009

heesh...."biped! You're getting senile and posting the same picture again."
biped..."What do you mean? I haven't used this photo before."
heesh..."Yes you did! Or has Giggles laid in the same spot for the last week."
ollie...."Heesh is right. You used this photo last tuesday."
biped...."There's last week's picture. You'll notice that he has moved."

biped...."And best of all look at the close up of his curly furs. That tummy is definetely snorkable.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Afternoon

Angel's (Dumber) turtle. Every morning Angel drags Grandma around da yard looking for "her" turtle. Mr. turtle has got so used to Angel that he doesn't even bother to pull his head back in. We didn't have enough wild life here so da biped's brother brought da turtle (and his many turtle friends) home on his motor scooter about three years ago.

A not so rare Missouri weed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Round Robin Quilt Partners needed

annie....."Da biped asked me to do an ad today for a Round Robin."
giggles...."Is she going to eat a robin?"

giggles..."She's getting stranger every day. Why do they call it a round robin? Shouldn't it be a square robin? Aren't quilts supposed to be square?"

annie...."I'm not going to argue wif da biped. She said Round Robin, to invite five or six kitties, dat anyone skill level could join as long as they're committed."

giggles...."Now dat's a word dat goes wif da biped.... Committed."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

International Cat in a Box day

Ollie is inspecting da box that our newest kitty came in. We adopted him from The cat in the Clover. He is a Hickory Heights kitty.

Thankful Thursday

smudge...."Biped, why is there a weed eater in our bed?"
biped...."It's our new "green" weed eater. It doesn't polute."

smudge...."It sure looks like it's poluting our bed. I can still fit, but I don't know where you're going to sleep tonight.

giggles...."Why is it a thankful Thursday for you smudge?, I mean there is a weed eater in your bed."
smudge...."Cuz the new earth friendly lawn mower isn't sitting there too."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fund Raising Idea #2! This one is a good'un

giggles...."Wow, dats a lotta hair heesh!"
heesh....."It's a shame to let it all go to waste."
giggles..."I got an idea! The biped needs money and she's really crafty."
giggles...."She could weave little toupee's for da curly cats. Dey don't have much fur and they're always cold."
heesh...."The FurryDance kitties could have blankies to take wif dem to their new homes."
giggles...."And Daisy and Miss Peach could could have sexy little black and white sweaters."
heesh....."I don't tink dat Miss Peach goes for the sexy look. She's more a compfy cardigan type of cat."
giggles...."yeah you got a point dare."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Therapist needed?

biped...."Something strange is going on. In the last two days the cats have claimed Dumber's bone as their own. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm not going to challenge Smudge and try to take it away."

biped...."I quess like any good Mom I is going to have to accept my catdog kids just as they are."

heesh...."Touch my bone and I'll shoot you wif my laser eyes!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fund Raising!

da biped is broke. So far this month she's spent $45.00 for kitty litter, $24.ish for cat food they won't eat, $60.00 for flea/tick repellent, another $30.ish on food that they would eat (sorta), $100.+ for vet bills on Willie, and $60.00 on shots and toe nail clipping for Angel (dumb). So being the entrepreneur that she is, she put up signs along the big road inviting travelers to see the rare Ozark Mountain Cats for a measly $5.00. It has been a very busy and slightly profitable weekend.

biped....."Quietly ladies. Be sure to turn your camera's on outside. If they hear the beep they'll all wake up and demand food!"

screen door opens and da biped and several ladies step inside da living room.

biped...."On da sofa you'll see Giggles. He's a true Ozark Mancat!

lady #1...."He has a drill!?"
lady #2...."and a hammer."
biped....."Don't mind them, we've been redecorating."
lsdy #1...."Yes we noticed da lovey shade of Pepto on da walls."

giggles to visitors...."Hi Bipeds! Do you gotch any nip?"

sounds of rapid footsteps and screen door slamming.

biped...."Ladies come back! For $5.00 more you can take a picture wif da friendly one!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009


biped...."It won't work."
biped...."You're not a cat. Show a little self respect."
princesss....."sigh, da cats always get the best treats."

sheesh....."What's wrong wif dat?"

Princess is a used American Eskimo dog. Before da biped brought her home she asked da people at Heart Bandits if Princess liked cats. "Oh sure!" they said. She's used to having cats around."

Well dat was half true sorta. Princess was catblind. She did not see them. If there was a cat between her and me, she just walked over the cat. If it was laying down, she would just stomp threw its middle without ever looking at it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pleave visit our Cousin Bubbles' bloggie

Remember our fancy cousin Clickwad? (Bubbles!) his biped has started a blog for him. Please drop by and say hi to Bubbles

Monday, June 8, 2009

Toesie Tuesday

heesh...."Whatcha doing Ollie?"

heesh...."Whatcha dreamin about?"
heesh...."Wow dats neat! I bets it cost a lot of green papers."
ollie...."Da biped says she can make us one. It's made wif fleece instead of old carpets and its soft and cushie. And ours is going to have a hamick not dose tiny tube thingies."
heesh. "Dat's good, cuz I fink I'd get stuck in da small ones."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Bug

giggles...."Da biped thought she'd show you a fire fly, so she went out last night wif da flashy box. There aren't many fire flies this year. We don't know if it's because we've had too much rain or what but they're hard to catch when they're "flashing". The biped was going to take a picture of some car headlights and tell ya that it was a firefly but we thought that we might be banned from da blogosphere for life so we stold dat picture. So HERE's da best (snicker) picture dat she took."

ollie...."We were kinda embarrassed by da firefly picture so we made da biped dig in da folder for a good bug picture. We liked this pretty dragon fly picture. Its resting on a stem of grass dat arched over our pond."

giggles..."Speaking of embarrassment, here's another picture of our pond wif a pretty flower. Da biped has planted all kinds of flowers around da pond and some trees. Hopefully da bipeds look at the plants and not da pond."

ollie..."Da biped is really proud to have a pond in da yard. She say's only distinquised bipeds have one. We fink dat dis is another Angelhart fairy tale cuz we knows how da pond ended up in our yard."
giggles..."Before dey could move our home onto da property dey had to pour cement trenches so dey could chain our new home to da ground in case of high winds. So dey hired dis big biped who knew EVERYTHING to bring a big truck full of cement. Since he knew EVERYTHING he didn't listen to the old man and he decided to take a shortcut across da yard instead of staying on da driveway. About six feet in da hind wheels started sinking. Da driver gab it more gas and da wheels spun and spun and da back end sunk deeper. Preety soon da smart driver got on his radio and called his buddy who was REALLY da smartest guy in da county. Well here came da buddy and his cement truck. Dey borrowed a big chain from da old man wif da tractor and hooked da two trucks together and da mud flew and da second truck was now axle deep about ten feet in front of da first truck. Da old man wif da tractor smiled and resumed digging da trenches for da sewer and da electric lines. You better take over giggles, I'm outta breath."
giggles...."We don't know if it was da first smart driver or da second one, but after a lot of cussing dey called a third guy wif a toe truck. Well da big one wasn't available but da middle sized truck was so dey sent dat. Dey hooked a wench on da second cement truck which was still full of cement and da little toe truck slid backward. Dey put rocks behind it and it just sat dare wif smoke coming out of da wench. Da old man has now finished digging da sewer line, and da electric lines and da first cement truck has run out of gas and da second one is close to running out and da old man is blocked in and sitting dare costing da biped $50.00 an hour. Da toe truck guy says some naughty words and drives away and da cement guys go over to da old man. Da old man smiles and shakes his head no and den he drives away. Its getting very hot now because dis is August and da cement trucks are quiet and da cement has turned solid."

ollie...."Dis part is neat. Just about den here comes da old man and he has a HUGE CAT. He unloads da huge Cat off an old truck and it lumbers down da driveway. Dey hook a big chain on da cement truck and da Cat grunted a couple time and da truck drove away. Another tug by da Cat and da second cement truck is gone, but not before da cement man who knew EVERYTHING handed da old man a BIG handfull of green papers. Wif da trucks off da "lawn" there was now two wholes the size of a cement truck."

giggles..."And dat's how we got our pond and how our little town has a statute that looks an awful lot like da body of a cement truck."

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jack or Jill

Meet Jack, or perhaps Jill, our newest oppossum friend. We don't get to go out and play wif Jack, but when da biped isn't looking he sneaks up on our porch and talks to us threw the door. The other night, Jack made the mistake of visiting while da biped was still up. She picked up da flashy box and followed Jack through the yard.

Jack has absolutely no fear of da biped or da flashy box. Obviously he didn't talk to his cousin Jeb who got da pointy end of a pitch fork when he was found in da chicken house. Actually da biped really felt bad about dat when she read up on possums. According to Possum Pop they don't eat chickens and most likely he was just eating da chicken feed. Anywho, da biped waddled after Jack and he crossed da road, nibbled on some dandelion greens (Now da biped has another excuse for not mowing the darned lawn) and then he headed towards da pond.

All of a sudden da froggies started jumping into da pond and Jack disappeared into the bushes (weeds). We don't tink dat he caught a frog dat time cuz of da biped and da flashy box, but he was all wet when she caught up wif him on da other side of da pond.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The land of Lunesta

Here at Angelhart Farms (that's the name of our fairy tale farm) we have many strange creatures. Last night this guy came out to visit. He's a regular but hard to photograph because unlike the Lunesta commercial he does not float gracefully around. He's either latched onto the yard light which makes for very unflatterning

pictures or he is tumbeling around in the gravel on our driveway.

It doesn't appear to harm him any because we have an abundance of baby Lunesta mothes.

One of out new friends said that they didn't know much about us or Willie. Well Willie was a throw away that landed in our driveway along with Smudge. I really believe that he was a reincarnated con-man. His feet had barely hit the ground when he came running down the drive way to jump in my arms. It took less than 24 hours for him to con his way inside the house, where upon he seldom acknowledged my existance. He always had a little smirk on his face. If I tried to touch him he'd slink away and snear at me. His idea of showing affection was sitting on the back of my chair and "grooming" my hair after I'd taken a shower. Well I must go now, son Smudge is hanging on my right arm swearing that he hasn't had anything to eat in a week.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hard Decisions

It's been a long disappointing day but the decision's been made and we've let sweet Willie go to the Rainbow Bridge. When he started to show signs of decline last week, I began to fear that he had FIV, and late this afternoon the vet confirmed it. We could of tried to fight it, but with the speed and severity of his decline we felt it would of been cruel. We're going to miss our laid back friend.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Purrz for Willie

Please say purrrz for Willie cat. He's drastically lost weight the last couple weeks and then tonight he started having trouble breathing. He didn't even protest when I put him in the PTU for a trip to the vet in the morning.

We're Da Winners!

We won a contest on Kimo & Sabi'sblog and our PRIZE came yesterday. We're really lucky dat da biped didn't know it was a contest when she answered the question or she woulda froze up and blown da whole thing. Anyway yesterday our prize got here and da biped let us open it. We gots a cute magnet, and a mousie, and some flingy things and an ice cube tray wif kitties. Da biped got all excited wif da ice cube tray cuz it goes along wif da kitty jello mold dat she has. We wants to thank Kimo's Mommakitty for having da contest and da cool prizes.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Toesie Tuesday

There's nothing better than a summer's nap on a soft dog bed.

Mancat Monday

ollie...."Hey Giggles, did you see dat brother Heesh may git a gyrl friend? I don't understand why I don't have one too."
giggles...."I know, even Smudge has a gyrl friend. What do you think it wrong?

giggles..."Maybe it's da box. It says frut. Maybe dey tink you're dumb and can't spell."
ollie...."I'm not dumb. I'm in da fancy french box. Hey I know what I can do!"
ollie...."I could invite da gyrlz over to play wif our new Plague Rat! No one can resist it!"
giggles.."I don't tink gyrlz like rats."
ollie... "You know, grlz don't sound like much fun. Maybe we can invite mencats. Mencats aren't afraid of nuttin!
giggles...."Yeah, who needs gyrls anyway!"