Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kibble Time

Lgk....."Wow, look at this human kibble."

Gus....."Wow that's really huge!"

Momcat...."Does it taste good?"

Lgk......"Not really.  It could use a little salmon juice."
Gus....."Hey, here comes the biped.  Maybe she's bringing the salmon juice."
Lgk...."No, its a cup of that hot steamy stuff."
Gus...."Hey, look!  She's dipping her kibble in the hot stuff."
Momcat....."Well that's insulting.  She sure is acting uppitty.  Everyone knows there isn't germs in kitty slobber."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ain't he cute!

Biped......"Hey Mom,  come look at Heesh!"

Mom......."Uh, whaaaa?"

Biped....."Isn't he cute?!  He's the first one to use it."

Mom....."Ooooh my."

Ollie....."Oh my is right.  We're going to be kicked right outta da Ozarks."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Over the Hill Gang...

biped....."Only people over 42ish years old will know what I'm living with.  Certainly people in their 60's will really relate.  I truly feel that I cursed myself when 30 years ago when I told my 80ish neighbor that she just needed to go to a different eye doctor and she'd be able to get decent glasses.  The reason I'm blabbering about failing eyesight and crappy eye glass makers is that Mom and I were sitting on the front porch the other night.  And Mom said,

MOm....."Look at that clump of grass walking across the driveway."

biped...."Mom, grass doesn't walk.  In our yard it bolts but it never  has been known to walk."

biped....."I had to sit there a few minutes before I saw what she was seeing.  There was about a square foot chunk of grass moving slowly across the yard."

biped....."I had to run inside and get the camera to take a picture of Mom's walking grass.

biped....."Look at the size of those claws.  I bet it could really do some damage if you tried to pick it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Times in the Ozarks

Gus....."Wow!  Come Look at this thing!"
LGK....."Too bad they weren't this big out in the woods.  We wouldn't of nearly starved to death."
Gus....."Hey Dadcat!  Ain't cha sorry now dat you abandoned us?"
ps....biped....Mom and kitties have free range of the house.  They've met Heesh, Smudge (loves them), Ollie and all has gone well.  Actually the only one they haven't reacted with is Annie who is avoiding them like the plague.  Well that is till Friday night when the temperature got down into the 40's and she gave up and joined me in bed.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Gus...."Gotcha you sneaky creature!"

Lgk...."Another mouse?  We really must be living in the low rent distric.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At Home with the Wilde Family

The Wilde Family
Gus....."Just call me the Wild Man!"

LGK....."Wild?  I thought we were over our wild ways."

Gus....."The Wild Man saves the biped from a alien specie."

LGK....."I am not wild.  I'm beautiful.  I can't wait till I get a pink dress to go with my pink bed."

Monday, October 15, 2012


Gus...."Oh hi...I guess you're wondering what I'm doing."

visitor....."I just wanted to drop by to see if you've been let out of the big basket yet.  But I see you're still there."

Gus...."Well yes we are.  Momcat is still feeling a bit tired, but LGK has perked up.  Speaking of perky, the biped dropped off a couple mice but they need a little perking up.

visitor....."How's that perk'ng up going?

Gus......"Not so good.  Water hasn't revived it.  Guess I'll try a computer screen next.  If its like the biped it should spring back to life.

visitor....."If its like the biped, you'll need a glass of Diet Coke too."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Now What?

biped...."Momma cat came home from the vet today. I decided to see how she'd do in the "play pen" with the kids. I expected some discourse but it wasn't going to happen. Mom retreated into the old battered carrier and started making that cute chirping sound and the kids joined her. So much for the rule about not putting multiple cats in a carrier.
biped...."Here's a picture of "LGK".  I can't believe that in two days nobody has complained about being in the pen.  The rest of the cat kids have quit checking out the newbies, that is except for Joplin who is determined to play poke a kitty with Gus."

biped....."If you notice, there's quite a difference in size between Gus and the girls.  He's already two inches taller than mom so I doubt that Joplin is going to be playing poke a kitty for much longer.  Oh and Grandma, the cat hater, has already taught the kitties a trick.  They can untie shoe laces.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Invasion in the Ozarks

Ollie....."Have you seen Joplin?"

Smudge......"He's really pissed about something.

Biped....."Joplin, I've been a little lax here.  I should of explained about the birds and the bees a long time ago."

Joplin....."You got me a bird?"

Biped....."Not exactly.  When biped's don't get their kitties fixed there is a population explosion."
Joplin....."Birds and bees?  You got suckered again didn't you."

biped......"Yeah, well actually Grandma did.  She's the one that sat there playing with them."
 Joplin...."Them?  How many cats is "them?"

Grandma...."too many."