Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Star Tip!

biped....."I know it was quite upsetting. What was the most upsetting thing about this week's show? I mean besides the %$4,900 ish on plants. $4,900ish on a mini play house/swing set for a 3 year old, $10,600ish for a gazebo (that really wasn't a gazebo), and another $5,000 + on lawn furniture and BBQ.

For me, it was the $2,000ish that they spent on BAMBOO plants. What were they thinking! What was Vern thinking when he said that it was a great idea. About 18 months from now, those people's neighbors are going to sue them because that bamboo has escaped and is now eating the corner off their house. It will cost the home owners another $30,000.00 to settle all the lawsuits and to remove the stuff."

biped...."Oh and for da Design star tip, I suggest dat none of dem give up their day job."

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