Saturday, July 21, 2012

And the Drought continues...

Biped....."We almost got rain this week.  It got within one mile of our house and then it just quit.  The lawn is completly gone except for in the driveway, right in front of the door.  So thus the wildlife has moved right up to the house.

biped....."As far as I can tell, we have four full grown rabbits.  I haven't seen any babies. 

Cat Yoga

Joplin...."Feast your eyes on the Yoga King."

biped...."Oh that's yoga.  What pose is that?."

Joplin...."It's called the resting bunny."

biped....."I know what this one's called!
biped... "That's the twisted tiger!"

joplin....."I think you're making fun of my yoga moves."

biped.....(snickers...)    I bet this pose is the drunk bunny."

Monday, July 16, 2012

No respect!

biped....."I just don't get any respect from you!"

joplin...."Moi?  Sweet little me?

biped...."Yes you.  You're a thief.  You stold the cherries."

joplin...."Are you sure it was me and not the nasty raccoons?"

biped...."I'd say that the racoons are innocent this time."

joplin...."Well at least I left you the pits.  When the raccoons hit the peach tree there wasn't even a pit left.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Armadillos in da Garden...

biped...."I thought I'd post these pictures because you don't very often see a live Armadillo, let alone one in the day light.  Normally they are nocturnal but because of the severe drought and the fact that I am the only idiot in Missouri that refuses to let her trees and scrubs die from lack of water we thus still have a wee bit of water left in our soil they are coming out in broad daylight to forage..

They really like water and are excellent swimmers.  They propel themselves with their tails which they twirl around in a circular motion.

Tank and his friends know me and will walk right by me.  Either they have no fear or are almost blind.  They don't get particularly upset when the dogs are outside.

Armadillos normal food are grubs that because of the drought have mostly died, with the exception of the center of my yard, which now looks like little mini bombs have went off all over the place.     This is not Tank, its probably Tank's girlfriend.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Hunted....

victim 1....."Squawk! I feel like someone/thing is watching me."

August...."Mom!  Mom!  Look at our dinner!"

 August...."Here chickie chickie..."

August...."Hey yau'l we gonna have chicken for Sunday dinah!"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet July and kids...

biped...."We haven't seen June in 2 days but July and kids are getting friendlier.  Well actually only July is friendly.

biped....."Meet July. She's about the size of six month old kitten. I'm betting that she weights less than two pounds. Here's a picture of her and August.

biped....."August is doing his best to wash mom's tail in the water dish.   Here's a better picture of August.   He's going to grow into a big boy.

September.... who is extremely shy

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things that go thump


grandma......"What was that?"

biped........"Just the kids having fun in the bathroom."

grandma....."I don't know how you sleep with that racket going on."

biped....."they're good.  They sleep when I do."

Grandma....."I think you'd better check."

biped......"I tell you it's nothing.  Just the kids having a little fun."

Grandma......"Oh my"

Major...."Boy there sure was a lot of junk on that old shelf."

Major....."I think it's best I just slink on out of here before the biped sees the big ole scratch.

 biped...   "Major has been living in the bathroom and on the front porch (enclosed) since WWIII struck in Feb.  Major is the happiest that she's ever been.  She's only had one accident since the move.  She actually thinks that she's moved away from that terrible Anniecat and is living in some exotic motel.  She has a steady stream of guests and even has guest quarters (drawers) in case someone decides that they want to spend the night.  Only once has a quest gotten stuck in a drawer and that turned out to be really fun watching the biped trying to unstick Joplin.  It was just like a game of wop-a-mole except it was with cats. (hint...if a cat goes in the bottom drawer it can then push the middle drawer out and sit up right.  It seems that it can't remember how to scrunch down to come back out of the drawer so it just sits there pushing the middle drawer in and out.  the biped has to intervene and remove the center drawer and or the bottom drawer to free the cat thus ruining all the fun of wop-a-cat.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello June

ollie...."Quess what!  It's June.

smudge....."What do you mean it's June.  June is gone and it's July."

ollie....."No it's June.  The biped hasn't got a picture of July and August yet."

smudge....."You're nuts.  You can't take pictures of a month."

ollie....."Wanna bet. Take a look at June."

smudge....."July and August?

ollie......."Yeah, they're hiding up by the chicken house."

smudge....."From the size of June's belly there's going to be a September real soon."

smudge....."I bet the biped's pissed.

ollie....."Yeah, she's busy concocting a curse for the people who threw away all the girl kitties.