Sunday, May 30, 2010


heesh...."Dear friends.... Today is Sunday, Be sure to not let it get away from you without a good nap."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Saturday!

biped...."Bigify the picture and check out smudge's mohawk. He has the personality of a freckle face redheaded boy who is doing everything in his power to stall getting ready for Sunday school."

biped...."Remember smudge's cat herding about a month ago. At first we thought that he was doing Heesh a favor by herding him toward the food dishes, but the more we watched, the more convinced we are that he's trying to keep him from the food. We came to that conclussion when he repeatedly herded heesh into the kitchen cabinet. He's now even trying to herd Angel dawg."

Monday, May 24, 2010

OH Boy! Christmas is coming.

ollie...."What are you doing smudge?"

smudge...."I'm gett'n the decorations out for Christmas."

ollie....."But Christmas just got over last month."

smudge....."What do ya mean?"

ollie....."I heard grandma tell da biped dat Christmas was over and it was time to put away da decorations."

smudge...."It's a good thing dat she just stuffed 'em under our desk."

Mancat of the Week!

ollie...."OH NO! Da biped fell asleep and I didn't get my Monday grooming so I can be Mancat of the week!"

Ollie..."Well I found the comb but I need a hand to make it work."

Ollie...."Well this is sort of working. I can scratch my chin and comb my hair at the same time."

Ollie...."HaH! Who says you need an opposable thumb!?!"

Ollie...."There I got the armpits and I'm all ready for ManCAt of the WEEK!"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday in the Garden

biped...."We decided to let your eyes rest a bit. That orange color can really strain your eyesight. This little guy is a very common daisy that is basically a weed in our yard."

biped...."Our first lady bug. Boy does she have a lot of work to do. You might notice that she's working on a weed instead of our buggy plants."

biped...."Our rhodedendrun which isn't native to Missouri, but contrary to what that grouchy at the nursery said, it does grow well here."

biped...."This plant is another native. It's a wild rose and I have several of them on the edge of my yard. The blooms are about 1/2 inch across."

biped...."Yaul have a nice weekend. Don't let the kids know but I'm heading for the big city on Saturday to buy their grub for next month.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


biped...."The Major is home, quarantined in the sewing cabin. He's a little shy and now a bit miffed because I had to give him worm and flea medicine. The vet was very kind and let me just buy the stuff without paying for an office visit. He's not old enough yet for his first shot."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Caution! Cuteness Alert

biped...."Hey Mom! What do you think of Mist?"

grandma...."It sounds kinda sissyfied."

biped...."Quess that eliminates Champagne."

grandma..."Payne might work. Major Payne if its a boy."

biped...."When do you think we should tell the kids?"

grandma..."I'd quess that they know, see'n as Sheesh has been hiding for the last week."

biped...."Do you think we should show our bloggie friends Major Payne's picture?"

grandma..."I don't know if they can handle the cuteness."

biped...."You're right, we should put up one of those legal notice type thingies."

{{{{legalize}}}}}Ozark Mtn Cats will not be held responsible if you fall in love with Major Payne and have to rush to your local shelter to see if you can adopt your own Major Payne.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sumptin's in da Air..

annie...."I tell ya'll sumpt'n is up."

annie....."First she hauled the dogs off and got them all washed up."

heesh....."Den she swep up 10 pounds of furz from the living room."

annie....."Do ya think dat we're hav'n company?"

heesh...."Nope. I think she's cheat'n on us and she's a clean'ng up da house to invite sum fellar over."

annie..."She has been sneak'n off to da grocery store a lot lately. And a couple times I swear I smelt some strangers scent on her."

heesh...."I shore hope dat she doesn't go and do something dumb like the time she marr'd dat fella and she sent poor uncle cecil off to live wif her mudder-in-law cuz he didn't like cats."

annie...."all I know is there's change in da air, and I've gotta feel'n dat it's not going to be good."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Famous Last words

biped...."Angel! Princess! Wanna go for a car ride?"

angel & princess.....bounce ...bounce..."bark, yip, bark bark!"

biped...."I guess that would be a yes."

biped, grandma, dumb and dumber go zooming thru the countryside. Princess barking at all the pickup trucks that have dogs in them.

biped...."Ok girls, we're here!"

angel...."We're going to a car wash?"

princess...."Oh cool, we can bark and chase the brushes as they wash the car."

angel....."Wait a minute, she's left the car outside and she's taking us into the car wash."

angel...."This is really a strange car wash. It comes with shampoo and hair conditioner."

angel...."I think that the next time Annie is going to give a stealth lesson, I'm going to listen better.

princess...." After I take that camera away from the biped, I'm going to wap idiot Angel over the head with it. She jinxed us wif dat 'oh we never get a bath comment"."

biped...."Yes bloggie friends. The ozarks actually has two pet washes. They've taken a bay from a do it yourself car wash and put in a heater and table and walla you can just drive up and wash your dog while your partner washes the car. It's very clean (at least till princess's hair blew all over the place). It costs a minimum of $5.00 to start a timer and then you can extra money for extra dirty or hairy dogs.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stealth lessons

Its a well known fact that dogs do not have a stealth gene. Always an optomist Anniecat vainly tries to teach angel (dumber) some basic stealth techniques.

annie...."In order to avoid detection you must be able to blend in with the scenery."


annie...."Look at the top of the box. It has an arrow pointing to a hole in which to disapear."


annie...."so you can hide from your enemies. Now its time for you to practice."
annie...."You need to get your entire body inside the box so the biped can't find you."

angel...."why, she might have a bone?"

annie...."sometimes you need to hide from the biped, like when she's going to give you a bath."

angel...."But she never gives me a bath."

annie...."Hisss, hide in the box!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stealth vs Stealth

Stealth cat #3 finds that she's being stalked by SC #2.

ollie...."Oh boy, that's going to be some wall hanging when she gets both of them woven into it."

annie..."I sure hope it's fire proof cuz there's going to be fireworks at any moment."

Laying in Wait

Stealth Cat #2 is laying in wait. It appears that he's not in a very good mood.

ollie..."What's brother smudge doing in the loom?"
sheesh..."Maybe da biped is going to weave him into a wall hanging."
ollie...."That could explain the bad mood."

Stealth Week

It appears that Stealth Kitty # 1 is hiding from the Monday chores.

smudge...."I sure hope dat da biped doesn't sweep all da dust bunnies into that box before she throws it out."

ollie...."Dat sure would be a heck of a way to start the week."

Friday, May 7, 2010

Did you Remember?

smudge...."Did she remember?"

ollie...."We sure did! I even put in a can of dog food."

heesh...."Did she remember what?"

smudge..."Today is Stamp out Hunger Day and we're supposed to leave a sack of groceries outside for the mailman."

smudge..."Hey, here's a box of dog biskits we can throw in."

Have a Nappy weekend...

annie...."Well we've suggested all week that your huMom take a few days off."

smudge...."But just in case your she is one of those type A people who insisted on going to work,well we're down to our last resort."

annie..."Dear HuMom....Your eyes are very heavy."

smudge..."You are getting very sleepy."

annie...."You cannot stay awake."

annie...."Follow my example. Lay your body in the bed and ignore the buzzing alarm."
smudge..."And have a very nappy weekend.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

biped...."This week we have pictures of Oak Galls."

biped..."Oak galls are created when a tiny wasp lays its eggs on leaves of young red oak trees. The tree reacts to the eggs and a gall forms around the eggs. These are fuzzy but by mid summer the fuzz goes away and they turn into hard shells. The galls normally don't hurt the trees."

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 3, 2010