Thursday, June 30, 2011

When no means no....

ollie...."You're not giving us enough attention so action must be taken. No more Facebook, no more Farms or frontiers, and your cafe is closing its doors. Do you understand biped?"

biped...."But its a holiday weekend. I'll just play for a few minutes."


ollie...."What part of No didn't you understand?"

smudge...."I bet he's been waiting a long time to say that."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Box Day 2011

Our new Cat lounge....

annie....We's so happy. We's gots a new printer. Well da biped got a new printer. And it was sooo big that it wouldn't fit on the shelf. (tee heee...she found this out after she spent all afternoon cleaning the shelf for it.) So nows we's got a new flat spot to nap in."

annie....."Did I tell ya dat we's got a new printer that's really big and compfy to lay on?"

annie....."Yup we did. Now if we could get da biped to leave it on so it would be nice and toasty that would be the good life."

annie...."Did I mention dat da silly Ollie is still "Silly" He still prefers laying on da biped's keyboard. Silly cat there's no heat coming from da keyboard."

annie....Oh and an update on Baby Joplin. HE/she came over for a visit yesterday. I hissed of course, so did the brat. But the dogs really liked Joplin (dang it) and didn't eat him/her. Da biped's letting it out of the pen when she's in the sewing house and "lost" da new brat in a pile of fabric.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


annie...."Look at what the biped bought me. A protective dome so major can't bother me."

major...."Look at what the biped bought me. A tornado shelter so I'll be protected from the vicious winds."

major...."Ooops I better get my tail in here so I don't turn into a manx cat."

biped....."What are you doing in my new strainer. We're going to have orange hairs in our spagetti."

major...."strainer? I thought it was a tornado shelter."

thump, rattle, rattle, pop, pop...

major....."Hey biped. I found a new tornado shelter, but I need more bubble wrap."

Major...."Pop...pop...Hey did you know it makes a popping sound when you bite it?"

annie...."A little duck tape and she'll be on her way back to kohls."

Update on JOPlin, the town not the kitten.....
After Sundays adoptathon, they either had 4 dogs and 3 cats left or 4 cats and 3 dogs. Either way it was a splendid sucess."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Joplin Adopt_a_thon....Tissue Alert

biped....."Today and Tomorrow is Joplin's adopt-a-thon for over 600 cats and dogs that were never reunited with their owners. The staff split the dogs and cats into two groups for Saturday and Sundays adoptions. There were 200 cats and kittens in todays group. By 4:00 pm EVERY single purrring CAT had been ADOPTED, and probably a few hissy ones too! That's right every single cat got a home. Also over 200 dogs were adopted today and the dog adoption continues till 8:00 pm."

The news reported that over 2,000 people showed up for the adoption event coming from as far away as Wisconsin, Gallup, New Mexico, Kansas, Illnois, basically from all over.

The animals were split into two groups for management sake and also to make sure all the animals got the best chance of being adopted. They deliberately held back some small dogs for tomorrows adoption because they draw in dog people better than the bigger dogs. That way a dog that wasn't adopted today has a second chance tomorrow when a new crowd of people come in for one of the "cute" dogs." From what I gather there's a little more than a 100 kitties available for tomorrows event, and about the same amount of dogs.

If tomorrow's crowd is as good as todays, and with cat adopters being turned away today I'm sure that it will be, All of the kitties should be on their way to their new homes by this time tomorrow."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's a Thief in da HOuse...

ollie...."Wait! Thief! Where's the pawlice when you need one?"

major...."Did you see how she snuck up wif dat big jar and stoled our mouse?"

ollie...."Do you think she's going to cook it in that big jug or is she going to make sushi out of it?"

major...."She's probably going to cook it so we can sit there smelling all those wonderful odors."

major...."Dat's right, rub it in great white hunter. You caught our mouse in your stupid jar."

ollie...."Why does she have it way out there in the yard? I can barely see her."

major...."She's probably going to get greens to cook with it. You know 101 ways to ruin a mouse dinner."

Ollie...."HEY! Dumb Biped! You let the jar fall over. It's going to get away."

biped...."Ok run along little guy and watch out for those big scary kitties."

ollie...."OMC! Did you see that? She set it free....."

major...."Wow she totally wasted our perfectly good mouse dinner."

ollie...."Our poor reputation."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hi! Its me!

Joplin...."Hi! It's me. Look down, there in the corner of the pink picnic hamper."

Joplin....."Me and my biped."

Joplin...."Me, practicing being cute."

Joplin...."Look out Major, I think I got the cute thing down pat!"

biped...."Anniecat, it looks like you're upset? What's your problem?"

biped...."Oh no...I really don't think that Harley wants a new sister."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello World...


major...."Da biped can now touch da baby. She said dat Joplin's eyes don't look that good but she's alert and still eating and hissing.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Please Purrr for baby Joplin

Major...."Please purrr for baby Joplin. Da biped heard a kitten last night up by the road but couldn't find it. Tonight she saw it cross the drive way so she tried to catch it. It was really scared and hissy so she got a carrier and put a can of food in it."

major....."Baby Joplin went in the carrier and the biped managed to shut the door. It looks to be about five weeks old and is in very rough condition. Its very feral and hissy but that could be because of stress."

major...."Da biped is calling it Baby Joplin cuz she said it musta blown in from Joplin, "No body would be so mean as to dump another kitty at our house. Right? They couldn't be dat mean could dey?"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Joplin 20 days later

biped......"Two weeks ago a woman thought she heard a dog wimpering in a pile of rubble 15 miles from where the Joplin tornado had passed. After searching a while she gave up but the sounds kept nagging at her so last Saturday she went back and checked again. This time she started pulling the boards and stuff apart and once more she heard wimpering. This time nothing could stop her and she kept digging until she dug out ......


Biped....."Bently was dropped off at the shelter with just scrapes on his nose. Vets can't tell if his blindness is caused by old age or the tornado. If his owners don't claim him he'll be put up for adoption next week. Speaking of which, all unclaimed pets will go up for adoption next weekend with the provision that if their owner shows up at a later date that the owner will get their pet back."

biped...."As far as Bently's concerned, he has nothing to worry about. He's grouped with the handicapped pets and already has two women fighting over the right to adopt him."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She's a big girl now!

biped...."Sometime during the first and second year you notice that your kitten has mellowed out and is showing signs of being a majestic grown up cat."

biped...."That is if it's named anything beside Major Payne."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sibling Rivalry...

biped...."Hi Heesh, why are you sitting here in the dark? (It was quite dark without the flash)?

biped...."You sure look nice and fluffy today... Are you hungry?"

dog and cat chorus...."Yes biped we're hungry...

smudge....."She's totally ignoring us."

angel dog...."Look at her pet that big lump."

biped...."Heesh, you really need to get off the cat food can so I can feed everyone."

heesh...."Biped, can I have another scritch or two before I get off the food can?"

biped...."Oh Mr. Heesh, you're such a luv bug."

major...."flop....might as well get compfy, its going to be a while before the luv fest is over."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Aliens in da Ozark....

smudge...."Hey Major....Did you see that thing?"

smudge...."Be careful its trying to suck you thru the window."

major...."Do you see the flashing lights? I think its a space ship."

major...."I wouldn't get that close to that thing."

smudge...."Major? Is that you out there? Are you going to shoot it wif you lazer eyes before it gets us? "

biped...."The alien was one of those luna mothes that was determined to get thru the glass. It entertained the cats for over a half hour before I finally turned out the kitchen light. I did learn something that I didn't know, it actually glowed like a firefly."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dinner time in da Ozarks....

smudge....."HEY BIPED! Where's da beef?"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wordy Wed.

ollie...."Hmmm, da biped's big bottle of coke fell over."

ollie...."I think I"m going to take a sip and see what its like."

ollie...."Yeooowza! Dat sure puts some zip in your doo-dah!"

major...."I suppose that means you're going to be up thumping around at 3:00 am just like da biped."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have a Happy Friday....

biped....."This may be your cat's expression if you play this video."

biped...."This might be your expression."

smudge...."She really should of told them that before they listened to that awful thing."

Thankful Thursday....

smudge...."Why do they call these things 'towers' brother?"

ollie....."I think its cuz they tower over da biped's magazines."

smudge...."Well it's not going to tower much longer if da biped doesn't buy another catbook."

Ollie....."Hey Sparkle, is there a new book in the works?"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook Frontiercats....

major...."Hey biped, your head is hidden by the apple tree. Oh biped, you left a stump right there. Hey, you better harvest the peppermint!"

smudge....."I knew sooner or later it would happen."

smudge....."She's done and got da brat hooked on her facebook farm."

major...."Go ahead, make fun of me. You're really going to be sad when you get left behind."

smudge...."Left behind? Are you taking space ship somewhere?"

major....."Don't be silly. Da biped and all her friends are going to take dere wagons and head for Oregon, and you can be preety sure dat we're going to pack all da Temptation and take dem wif us."