Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Fever!

Ollie....."Wow, do you remember when it looked like that.

Smudge....."I don't think it ever looked like that.  It's always looked like its been run through a shredder.
Ollie....."It looked like that when we were young, a long time before you came along.
Smudge....."Well it looks like this now."

Ollie...."I don't know what's worse.  The fact that its deaded, or the fact that any minute she'll come in here with a roll or duck tape to "fix" it."

Smudge......"For sure.  And then there'll be that lecture about apprechiating the things that we have.

Ollie....."Yeah, Yeah..... Be happy.  Think about the kitties in the woods that don't have anything."


Smudge....."Well we'll be happy to donate this one to the poor little darlings just as soon as our new one gets here.

Ollie....."Hey push the button again and we can buy one for our secret pal."


Ollie ......"I heard an extra click."

Smudge....."Yeah, I got one for the cats in the woods."

Ollie......."You mean the cats who used to be in the woods who are now the bedroom cats?

Smudge ........"Yeah those cats."

ps.....This is the most pathetic looking cattree ever made.  My brother gave it to the cats about five years ago and the they absolutely loved it.  We have a six foot tall one that got played with once and then ignored.  The  cats choose this one.  If you (the cat) get back about ten feet and runs like mad, it and cat starts sliding across the room from the impact.  Land on the top and grab the little red ball and it starts twirling in a circle like some kind of demented carnival ride.  Twirl enough and the scratching post and/or top falls off and you get to watch your human cuss as they have to reassemble it. Better yet,  let the 20+ pound cat sit on the top and the whole thing topples over and  it becomes a night hazard sure to trip up your human on his way to the bathroom  at 3 am.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Good Life Gus


 Gus the cat discovers the true meaning of  Thanksgiving.  Good food, Good Friends and a Good Nap. (not necessarily in that order)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Anniecat......   "Uh, you know that the biped has spent a small fortune on fancy cat beds for you two...."
Anniecat....."You know, I can really commiserate with Daisy.  Brother's just don't have any common sense." 

Smudge....."Did you hear something?"
Heesh....."I think it was the squeaky front door.