Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain, Rain Go away....

smudge...."Boy is the biped happy. Firstly it's quit raining and secondly we have surpassed the Jones's whoever they are cuz we now have a creek in our yard."

smudge...."According to the newsman we got between 12 and 16 inches of rain since Friday night. We're sad cuz lots of peoples homes are flooding south of us. We sit on a hillside so we're safe. The biped is worried though cuz the street where her favorite fabric store is has been closed due to flooding. We have our paws crossed that the darned place will float all the way to Oklahoma.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest Photographer....

biped...."We have a quest photographer today. "

biped....."It was a win win situation. Friend Susan needed a photo for a show and kitty needed a new home. Both of them ended up really happy."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter in the Ozarks....

annie....."Well da major is totally exhausted from chasing bugs and mice. There is feeling of peace in the Ozarks. That is till those kitties manage to wack one of those eggs and a mouse goes skittering across the kitchen floor."

annie....."Yes its still raining but grandma and I have found something fun to do while da biped's slaving in da kitchen."

grandma....."Be careful you don't get it in your whiskers."

annie....."Deese extra large marshmellows are extra good."

grandma....."I sure hope one of those kitties puts up a video of their easter egg hunt."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter in da Ozarks...

major...."It's official. The Easter bunny and his little canoe are lost. Perhaps the OK cats will see him floating by sometime tomorrow but there's no way he's stopping here."

major...."So like the Ozarkians we are, we've decided that we'll step up to the plate and prepare Easter goodies for all da kitties."

major....."Here I am giving a close inspection to some of the Easter goodies."

major...."This pink stuff looked a little unruly so I gave it a few wacks to get it to behave."

major...."We're going to have to stay up all night catching mice and bugs to put in these hollow eggs, but we're optomistic that everycat will have a nice surprize."

ps...biped...."It started raining about 9 pm. It hasn't stopped since then. The 8 inch estimate for the weekend has already been passed. At one point we had caught up with the Jones's and had our own swimming pool right there in our front yard.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No Easter for da Ozarks?

major...."This is getting down right scary here. We're supposed to get 8 inches of rain between now and Sunday."

major...."All da creeks are full. If da easter bunny doesn't drown, he's going to get blown away by a tornado. From the looks of this, the kitties in da Ozarks aren't going to have an Easter."

smudge...."Well with da weird weather we may have snow."

major....."And how is that going to help?"

smudge...."Cuz den da snowshoe wabbits can bring all da goodies for da kitties."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wordy Wed.

smudge....."HELP! Da Major's fainted!"

ollie......"Is she breathing? I don't think she's breathing."

smudge....."Do you remember how to do cpr?

sound of huffing and puffing....

annie....whatcha doing?"

smudge...."cpr! Da major's not breathing."

annie....."most likely cuz she and da biped ate a 2 pound pork chop for dinner."

annie...."I'm going to get outta here before she explodes."

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Horrors!

major....."Look at this disgusting sight. Look at how happy Dumb and Dumber are. Look at them staring at grandma. Quess what Grandma is doing.!?!!"

major...."She's making Doggie Temptations."

smudge...."Now THATS horrendous."

Horrow Week!

major...."Biped! Oh Biped!"

major...."Is my time out over? I promise I'll be good to sister Hiss."

annie...."Oh Horrors! She believed her."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday....

ollie...."I sure wish I could remember the name of the teacher that put the biped and her messy desk out in the hall when she was in the third grade."

smudge....."How come?"

ollie...."I'd tell her that it didn't stop da biped from being messy."

ollie....."Oh Noes...I's slipp'ng."

smudge...."Don't grab da keyboard on your way off da desk."

ollie....."How come? Does it mess da computer up?"

smudge....."Nope, it comes flying off and wacks you in da head."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


major....."Hey where did the light go?"

major...."Uh, big blue thing, you're going to sit on me!"

major...."Oh no! It's curtains for the cute little orange kitty. No first gotcha day party"

Arrrrrgh! chair madly twirls

grandma....."Oh majorkins! Smoochie, smooch, smooch! You shouldn't sleep in da biped's chair. You cudda become a pancake."

major...."I toldya I had da bestest Grandma."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Mews....

major....."Hey bruder! Are cats supposed to eat hot dogs?"

ollie...."Snif, snif...."

ollie....."I'm not sure that ANYONE is supposed to eat those things."

Friday, April 1, 2011

The retreat....

major...."Well the biped's gone along with her baskets of fabric. She's going on another retreat."

major....Ollie and I inspected her rolling bag to make sure her sewing machine would be safe."

major...."I tried to hide in da bag so I could go meet her friends, but she found me."

ollie...."This must be the biped's friends. They're all standing around talking. I guess they do a lot of talking at a quilt retreat."

ollie...."Maybe they're doing some sort of excercise here. They just seem to be walking along. Hey wait a minute, something has happened."

ollie...."Wow, look at them run. What's going on?"

smudge....."Hey dat one jumped the fence."

ollie....."You know, there's only a couple things that would make the biped and her friends move that fast."

smudge....."Food or a fabric sale.