Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wii Heesh...

biped...."One of my blogging friends added her cat Hobbes on her Wii Fit Plus. On her blog she describes Hobbes as 47 pounds of stripey goodness."

biped..."So with Hobbes on my mind I clicked go and enlisted Grandma to help me pick up Heesh. The Wii board said OOOOOH!"

biped...."Gulp...23 1/2 pounds of floofy mancat joins our little wii family of me and Uncle Bill.

biped...."So here we go, Heesh and I trotting off into the sunset. Uncle Bill wasn't here today because of the foot of snow that's still out there in the yard."

smudge...."I think the biped used the wrong title for today's post. There is no such thing as a wii Heesh.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meatloaf Sunday?

smudge...."What's annie doing?"


smudge....."What's she praying for?"

heesh......"Dat da yucky meatloaf is gone."


smudge..."Annie, is the meat loaf gone?"

annie...."Nom Nom Nom."

heesh....Is it good stuff?"

annie...."Na, it's just clams and bacon.

smudge...."Have you noticed dat Annie is a little bit evil just like da biped?"

Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Hunt...Spotted...

A Big PS....Free KINDLE down load for your PC released a free version of e-books for the pc today. When installed on your computer it makes a screen just like the kindle has. I think it's being released in response to the new Mac i-pad that was announced yesterday.

I downloaded it and it installed beautifully and then I went and down loaded a free book off of Amazon which is probably not what they intended.

So here's the link to download it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's in your litter box?

smudge...The Zoolarty cats are having a contest."
ollie...."What kinda contest?"
smudge..."They're having the "What's in your litter box contest."
ollie...."That sounds kinda gross, unless she's talking about the white nugget thief."
smudge...."which is also gross."
ollie....."Speaking of nugget thieves quess who's trapped again."

ollie...."You know if we balanced a can of paint on the edge of the litter box."

smudge....."Oh Brother, I love your evil mind. How about dat blue one up there on the shelf."

ollie..."With that color we may have to change our plans on hiding her in a snow bank tomorrow."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday in da Ozarks

biped...."This is another one of those weird pictures. Honest I did not twist Heesh's leg so it would stick out from under his blankie for the Tuesday Toesie picture."


biped....."They may not look like it, but they're inseperable."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Under Cover Mouse hunt

joya...."This woulda looked soo cute if da cheap biped had a video camera. In this picture I'm attacking da under cover mouse. You can tell that I'm a very good attack cat cuz I caught him."

joya....."I let him go and caught him again. About this time Dumb and Dumber showed up."

biped...."I think Dumber musta been a cat in her previous life because she just loved da under cover Mousie. She barked and barked and jumped up and down."

joya...."She wasn't as quick as me cuz she never caught him., which is probably good cuz she eats everything dat she catches."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Cat that Temptations Built...

biped...."I am beginning to believe that Sheesh's Temptation Therape has gone a little too far. Instead of being the cowardly She-cat, she's now the cowardly She-cat that waps like the devil if brother's back is turned. If only he'd turned his head, she'da melted right there on the spot. Oh and in case you want to know what's going on, Smudge is in the community catbed which is on the corner of the biped's bed between sheesh and the biped. Sheesh wants to sit on the back of the biped's chair (to wash biped's hair) and onery brother is treatening her safe passage."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Socialization of Joya....

ollie...."The biped is going to jail."


ollie...."Yup, it's true."

smudge...."How come?"


smudge...."She's abusing Joya?"

ollie...."Nope. She's abusing us and grandma by letting Joya out of the bedroom."

ollie...."Poor grandma hasn't had a moment's peace, plus she's making her teach Joya manners."

smudge....."Doesn't look like it's going that well."

ollie...."I hope she gets a bite or two before Joya eats it all."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the Garden

biped...."Last Week I told you of all the trees that we got from our nursery. Someone asked if I got them all planted and the answer was kinda sorta. The ladies at the "Master" gardener's class would most likely disagree see'n as some of the bundles of 25 where split into thirds and thus became natural game cover. This little guy below is a "white pine. The pine trees were'nt clumpted together, just the things like the red barked dogwood."

biped...."The next two pictures are of daffodils and tulips that are just peeking their noses above the soil line. We're really lucky because our bulbs naturalize and come back every year. Some people have problems with moles and gophers but we don't. We think it's because 90 percent of Missouri is rock."

biped...."This is Grandma's tree. She paid a little boy .75c for it when it was about six inches tall. She's a sucker for little boys."

biped...."These little guys are my second favorite bulb. Or third favorite. Its a muscari or grape hyacinth. In warm weather climates they bloom in the fall, here they bloom in March or April. They are great naturalizers and they're also great in containers. I got their grandparents over fifteen years ago in a Harry and David gift box."

biped...."Oh and before you ask, did all those trees survive? Not really but it wasn't my fault. The ones we planted in the front yard did great, buuuut the ones we planted in the back yard died. Every single one of them. Perhaps you heard a little ole lady screaming about four years ago.? Yup it was Grandma who discovered that the squirrels pulled up every single one. And ate them. Yeah it was real close to squirrel soup there for a couple weeks."

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuesday Tosies

heesh...."I have a sneaky feeling dat sum bunny is going to have a bad day."

biped...."Dat's just fine as long as my toes or da back of my chair aren't "da bunny."

ollie...."sigh, I nebber get to have any fun."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heartbroken Sheesh

biped...."Poor Sheesh is heart broken. While visiting her heartthrob's blog she found out that he's already taken."

sheesh...."Just look at him. We were meant for each other. Why did he leave me?"

ollie...."Should we tell her?"

heesh...."Tell her what? Dat she's got da personality of a snapping turtle?"

ollie..."Well dat's true, but I really think the problem is dat Dante likes a girl cat wif a little floof."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Best

biped...."Ollie is sprucing up for Sunday dinner. He's hoping dat it will be chicken again, or turkey, or fish."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Double Fluff

biped...."Rejoice my naked floofless friends! All is not lost. Heesh has managed to elude MOnster Misha (most likely because he was unable to locate da Ozarks) and is willing to share his magnificient floof with all his friends, especially Fin and Sweet Praline. Even Dumb and Dumber have volenteered their floof."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Winter Garden

biped...."The winter garden can be quite drab and boring, but with a little imagination you can easily turn a three season yard into a four season one."

biped...."We are't there yet, but we've started. We're really lucky because we live about ten miles from the state Nursery where they grow all kinds of trees and shrubs. The first year that we were here I ordered $52.00 worth of trees. Didn't sound like much till April rolled around and we got our call to pick up our trees and shrubs. This guy below is one of them. It's a red barked dogwood. So even when there's no leaves there is still color in the yard."

biped...."The plant shown next is called a Winter Berry. After the leaves fall off a mauve colored berry is left. (I have no clue why these look red). I planted a whole bunch of these only to discover that if I went out into our woods that there were oodles of them out there planted by mother nature. Ooops, did I mention that there were 135 trees and shrubs for me to pick up that April?"

biped....."The plant shown below is another one of my favorites. I suspect that it won't grow here because of the extreme cold and because it originated in Florida but it's still neat. It's called a Snow Berry. It has little fruits that look like popcorn which last all winter long."

Heesh...."We wants to thank our new friends Hendrix and Joplin for the neat award dey gave us. Of course we're going to have to work on da biped cuz she isn't following da rules."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Dear God...

heesh..."Dear God,
Please give KC and all da blogmasters nimble fingers to construct our new blogosphere cuz we're missing lotz of our furrriends."


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Open Wide

ollie....Now if he could only get something to fly in.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday in da Ozarks

heesh....."You've seen pictures of our five wild turkeys that visit us every day. Well when the bitterly cold storm hit our turkeys showed compassion and invited some friends over for dinner."

heesh....."This guy here must of been the maitre'd or perhaps a security guard because he stood out there just staring into the woods. Over his right shoulder about twenty feet from the "party" another turkey stood watch."

heesh..."A quick count came up with thirteen "quests" and two guards (waiters). Or perhaps it was a husband and wife combo. I can imagine the Tom turkey saying "Hazel, don't go near that trailer in the woods. They'll have us in the oven in a heart beat."

ollie...."If dat's what Tom said I can only imagine what Hazel said to him on their way home."

Heesh...."After all the turkey quests left then all the birds flocked in. The turkeys are so kind as to dig around in the snow till they've raked all the corn and bird seed to the top."