Monday, May 30, 2011

A Happy Joplin Story....

smudge....."Da biped's been busy all week with something called facebook. Every once in a while her eyes would start leaking and we thought that it was a little melodramatic for someone who plays with a fake farm all day. Then we found out that she was following the story of a family who had their dog and two kitties stolen after the tornado. All week the Mom posted cute pictures of a fuzzy dog and cat in a carrier on all the facebook animal sites."

smudge....."As the week passed the story became clearer. After the tornado the people put the pets in two carriers and set them outside so they'd be safe. Their home was still standing but the roof was gone and everything was all wet. The grandpawents stayed at the house with the pets and the mom and kids went to stay some place a little safer for the night. Over night someone stole the fur babies."

smudge...." Most of the animals that were "rescued" were almost immediately turned over to the animal shelter, but not these babies. All week the Mom posted their pictures and nothing happened till 1:30 last night when a man posted a poor quality picture of a grey cat. He then said he had found another cat and a dog and the Mom started sending messages that the cat looked like hers. Then he posted the picture of the dog and the Mom said that she was sure it was her dog and that her daughter was missing her dog. The comments went on for about an hour with the guy saying they'd have to identify the collars before he'd let them go. He agreed to meet them Monday morning. All night the biped worried that the man would try to trick them but this afternoon the woman updated her facebook with a happy pic."

smudge...."The Furkids are all safe at home!"

biped....."When this disaster is over I really think that the lady that's in charge of animal rescue in Joplin should be appointed to head Fema. She has found a building large enough to house over 350 dogs and cats. She has repeatedly begged people who found stray animals to bring them to the shelter so that the owners only had one place to check. She has organized volenteers to care for the pets and started an wish list that had raised over $21,000.00 in pet food and supplies in five days. Today she started a drive to get Frontline for all her guests cuz she wants them compfy.

When she discovered that dogs will happily go home with any person that shows up and that cats just want to hide in the back of their cages she increased the security on the animals to make sure the right animals went home with the right people. By Sunday she and the volenteers had reunited 120 pets with their owners.

I quess the animals already knew she was a good person because the first "patron" turned itself in volentarily by flying in and perching on her car. It's name was JO JO and has since went home with it's mommy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Snuggles

biped...."It's been a tuff week for everyone and Heesh thought everyone could use a free snuggle."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning Part II

sound of sweeping, bag rattles and kitty litter being dumped into bag.

biped...."I swear there's more litter on the floor than in the pans."

sound of bag rattling.....

biped....."MAJOR! Leave that bag alone...Go play with one of your mice."

big crash in kitty room....

biped...."Arrgh! Major! You almost dumpted the pan on the floor."

thump....sound of Major being evicted from kitty room

rattle rattle....

smudge....."giggle giggle, she's in for it now..."

biped....."That's it!"


bang bang bang...Meow

....."Da brat wasn't actually put in the dryer though the biped waaaas really tempted."

biped...."Seriously please keep praying for the people in Joplin. They still are finding live people trapped in buildings."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning Part I

Heesh....."I got the warning over the grape vine tonight."

Heesh....."Da biped's in a bad mood for some reason., or perhaps she's just mad..."

Heesh......"Ollie said something about it being time for spring cleaning so I'm not going to take any chances. I'm getting a head start to the floof fluffing."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cat House on the Kings....

biped....."We've just passed Ollie's Gotcha day (again) and it made us think back to when we adopted him from the Cat House on the Kings. The cat house was started in 1992 and has grown to be the biggest no kill cat shelter in California. Its 700 residents have free reign of 12 fenced acres including what used to be the owners' 4,000 square foot house. She moved out of the house last year into a small residense when it became close to impossible to sleep with her 70 roomates.

Its about 20 miles south of Fresno. It is a santuary for feral and domesticated cats of all sizes and ages. It has 22 employees plus many volenteers. Its founder, Lynea works endlessly fund raising and improving the cat house for all the cats. She has a seperate clinic for new arrivals and those that need care. She has her original house which is open for anycat that wants to drop by. She has separate housing for senior kitties who prefer a quieter life. Last year she was given a construction trailer which has been adapted just for babies so they would have a better start on life. All of the adult cats are fixed, and tested for diseases before they are put up for adoption. If they prove to be FIV or FIP positive thats ok too cuz she has seperate housing for the positive kitties along with kitty volenteers to pet and comb them. If you're a cat and don't care for humans thats ok too because she has shelters (mini barns) that have heaters in them during the winter months. She's had a book written about the Cat House by Jill Rappaport and recently a music video was shot at the cat house. The video is about a young man thats looking for shelter."

Scott Ryan - "Vanishing"

biped...."In the video it shows a group of cats running after the young man. It makes me laugh because Ollie did the same thing. I picked him up in the front yard of the house and put him down. I left him in the yard and dropped off some cat food in the house. At this point Lynea invited me to go out to see the newly built FIV enclosure and on the way back to the car here came Ollie, and I swear he was screaming."

Ollie...."Lady! Lady! Wait! Don't forget to take me home!"

Monday, May 16, 2011

When the dead come to Life

biped...."We have a dead pine tree in the front yard, and being the procrastinator that I am it hasn't been removed. Mom kept hinting that I should take it down before it fell over and I kept saying that it might come back to life."

biped...."And sure enough, it did. First there was a neat lychen. Then a tree frog."

biped...."a better pic of the tree frog.

biped....."And best of all, a wood pecker has made a hole in the tree so it can raise babies."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wanna Man Like this....


biped....."Totally romantic."

biped...."And a little bit goofy."

biped....."Don'tcha want one too?"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Evil Annie?

annie...."Quess what I found out today..."

annie...."If da major walks by and you fall over with a blood curdling scream."

annie...."Da biped comes running out and scolds da major."

annie...."If you do it three or four times, da biped puts da brat in the bathroom for a timeout."

annie....."Wanna quess where da brat is?"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bad Kitty...

biped....."annie, are you trying to push grandma out of her chair?"

annie....."Of course not biped."

annie....."That would be really mean."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday....

smudge....."Wow, these taste really good. It really is Thankful Thursday!"

annie....."Faster grandma...Da brat's getting more than me."

ollie...."I bet none of the utter cats get spagetti flavored Temptations like we do."

biped...."Uh guys.... You might want to let grandma have a bite or two."

ollie...."Grandma eats temptations?"

biped...."Only the spagetti flavored ones."

Will there be a Thankful Thursday?

smudge....."Hey Bruder....Do you know what yesterday was???"

Heesh...."(((drooling)))) Yeahhhhh, It's the day that the biped gets all her green papers for the month."

smudge....."Do you think she'll go to town so we can have a Thankful Thursday?"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Truth in advertising....

biped....."Yup, its one mighty fine puddy tat, even if he does have a little hang-over."