Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It Just doesn't seem right!

major...."They say that the longer people live with their pets, the more they look like each other."

smudge...."Yeah, that's what they say

major...."But can someone tell me why Ollie and Annie had to develope a nasty personality and throw hissy fits..."

major...."instead of the biped becoming warm and fuzzy."

smudge...."Look at her, scowling just like the biped does."

major...."Just doesn't seem right."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh So Bad....

joplin...."Hi furriends! I hopes you had a good weekend. I want to show you my newest toy. I get lots of attention when I play with it."

joplin...."It has a nice flat top to sit on and when the biped's also playing with it, it tickles your belly. There's a little button on top and if you step on it, it makes a whrrrring noise."

joplin...."And the bestest part is those blue knobs on the front. If i bounce on top of the radio it wrecks the music and the biped has to get up to fix it. While she's up fixing the radio I bounce off those blue buttons. This makes the stiches all wonky. The biped is so blind that she can sew several pieces together before she realizes what I've done."

joplin...."Well I hope you'all have a real peaceful Sunday. The biped's going to try and BBQ some cheap steaks while I stay inside adjusting my new toy."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Joplin....

a bored Joplin....

classic starving waif

Joplin works on his beef cake shot.

Joplin strikes a hunter pose...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad Joplin

biped...."Joppplin....We don't claw furniture."

ollie...." Hey smudge, did you hear the biped. We're not supposed to claw furniture."

smudge..."Quess we can let her dream for a while. She'll give up soon enough trying to raise the purrfect cat."

ollie...."Lol, check this out. The purrfect kitten is laying in one of the biped's quilting baskets."

smudge...."I hope baby Joplin has flood insurance cuz he's going to get drowned when she sees that."

smudge....."There she goes, she's getting the squirt bottle."

ollie......"Tee heee, he's going to get it now."

joplin.... "You're not going to shoot sweet little me wif dat gun are you? You know what your friends will say. "

smudge...."Shoot him! Your friends will think it's funny."

joplin...."You'll see how funny they think it was at Christmas time."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad Kitty Week...

biped...."Oh my cat! She's sitting on the shelf."

grandma....."I was wondering why the nails were pulling out of the wall."

biped...."Major, you're not supposed to ....."


grandma...."you were saying. Now what are you going to do?"

biped......"where's the squirt bottle?"

biped......"You better get down from there. Grandma is getting the squirt bottle."

major...."You're a mean biped. Daisy sits on shelves all the time and she never gets squirted."

Thursday, August 18, 2011


biped...."Hey grandma! Look at what I've taught Major to do!"

grandma...."Whats that?"

biped....."I've taught major to crawl across the desk on her knees so she won't block the picture on the computer!"


major...."Yeah grandma... Oh,,, like Ooooh no another weekend of endless computer games. And if I hear, Oh boy, lets play Angry birds one more time I'm going to hack up a fur ball."

biped....."Hi friends. Isn't it neat that Major's learned to crawl on her belly? And have you played Angry birds yet? Its totally addictive."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh the Horror of it all....

annie...."Oh the horror of it. Remember that dirty rat that ate the car wires? Well it came baaaack. And this time it ate the wire that makes the biped's tv work. Talk about whining and complaining. It was the longest weekend in history."

annie...."On top of that Grandma went rogue on us. Take a look at the newspaper she's trying to read."

annie...."Sure she looks innocent enough but take a closer look. Do you see what she's looking at? She's totally lost her mind."

annie...."A flea market."

Ollie...."I always thought dat dumb and dumber was the reason we got fleas. Now we know it's Grandma's fault."

ollie...."Dang it I feel one crawling on me."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday

joplin...."howdy friends. I've been busy learning to be a purrfect gentlecat."

ollie...."Yeah after you bit so many holes in the biped that she needed a blood transfusion."

joplin...."I've learned from the locals that the more tricks you learn, the more treats you get."

Joplin...."So I've learned to wave to my friends."

ollie...."Thats not much of a trick there brother."

joplin...."And if you don't wanna learn tricks, you just need to be cute. I do cute really good."

ollie...."That cute thing is really going to take a big bite out of our Temptations."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday....

smudge...."Ok lady cats, this picture should make your day."

The Trouble with big brothers..

major...."I'm mad. Grandma gots a new toy and I didn't get one."

ollie...."Hey maybe it's a Temptations dispenser."


major..."It won't be long now. I can hear it buzzing."

ollie...."That should keep her outta my hair for the rest of the afternoon."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Newsday....

major...."Ollie is taking a nap. He's been really tired lately probably cuz of the heat. It cooled off today and actually rained."

major...."The biped hasn't been around much to work on our blog. She keeps grumbling about useless animals. I'm not sure who she's talking about. "

major...."There she goes again moving the car. The car has been all over the yard ever since the rat chewed some wires off. I'm not sure why she was so upset, I mean it did still run even if all the red lights were blinking and the air conditioner wasn't working.

major...."I think Ollie has the right idea. I'm going to crawl into bed and take a nap before da biped pushes me out."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Box...

sound of Ollie inhaling deeply.

ollie...."Oh this is pure heaven."

major...."Dummy, the biped sent the contents off to her Christmas in July friends."

ollie...."Yummmmm... Yummmmm... I'm going to crawl in the heavenly box."

major...."The biped would have a better chance fitting in a size small than you fitting in that box."

ollie....."Go away! You're ruining the mood. Yummmmm."

ollie...."Yummmmmm, heaven at last. Yummmm"

biped...."The box had some catnip toys in it. The toys were mailed away but the OMC's thought that the box was the real present. I just missed getting a shot of Heesh sitting there with the box over his head.