Monday, January 31, 2011

Toesie Tuesday

major...."Hellooooo!!?? Is there anyone out there?"

major...."Fear the mighty PAW!!."

ollie..."Hey look! There's a nut in that bunch of nanners!"

major...."I don't see a nut. Whadda ya mean there's a nut? Biped! I think they're pick'n on me."

Simple Pleasures....

major...."Wow a perfectly good box going to waste."

major...."I'm sure glad Mom showed me how to head butt before she moved on with that travel'ng salescat."

sound of kenny rodger music....

major...."On da Road again.....

biped...."I have long wondered why some people have to resort to drugs in order to be happy, when a cat and a cardboard box can keep our whole family giggling for days."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

flat cat

biped...."We were practicing our flat cat pictures. Major was very cooperative."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Quilter's little helpers....

ollie...."Deese are the little plastic baskets dat da biped uses when she's making quilts."

smudge...."She puts da quilt blocks in dem to keep da hair off the blocks."

heesh...."Dis is da chair da biped sits in when she's making the blocks to put in da little plastic baskets."

heesh...."If you look on da table behind me you can see the block that the biped made. I don't know why, but she only made one block today."

heesh....."Hey brudder, we're sure lucky dat da biped didn't want her chair."

smudge...."She probably didn't want the brat to get hair on the blocks that she was making."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Too Cute...

ollie...."When the biped was four or five, some lady walked up to her and her Mom and said, "You sure are a pretty little girl."

and thence the biped spoke...."

biped...."Me knows it."

ollie...."Anyone want to guess what the biped would say about the orange wonder cat?"

Have a Happy Weekend.

Back in the box.....

smudge...."You know, the major takes after the biped alot."

annie....."What do you mean?

smudge...."As soon as she quits moving, she falls asleep."

annie....."Thank goodness she doesn't drool like the biped does."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cracker Dog..

smudge...."Momma always said that you shouldn't hang out wif da bad kids."

annie....."Just look at her. She's doing everything she can to be one."

smudge..."She's even taking lessons from Dumb and Dumber."

major...."How's this! I looks like a Cracker Dog..."

major...."Just wait. They won't be making fun of me when I win da big prize on Mango's Cracker Dog contest.

smudge...."God help us. If da biped manages to take a picture of her and the dogs we'll be known as the cracker family."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What they're really saying....

smudge...."She's circling us like a lion eyeing its prey."

heesh...."There's no use resisting. We are sooo doomed."

smudge...."Pretend to be dead. It works on the talky box."

heesh....."I don't think it's working. I can feel it's hot breath on my neck."

smudge....."Oh Yuck! It slobbered all over my neck."

heesh......"Hey the playing dead worked for me."

biped...."Oh Heeesh.... I gots some loves for you."

smudge..."Tee Hee, she saw your lips moving."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crime Tv

major...."Da biped likes to watch Crime Tv on the talky box."

annie...."We like to watch Crime Tv too."

major...."Which episode is this one?"

annie...."I think its called the case of the missing Kibble."

major...."In that case it's not really crime tv is it."


Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Butterfly Ball....

major...."What's dis noisy thing?"

ollie....."Ehhhh? What did you say?"

major....."WHAT'S THIS...."

ollie...."Thank God the battery went dead."

major...."What's it suppose to do?"

ollie...."I don't know. Maybe Uncle wants us to go into business telling fortunes."

major...."It does kinda look like a fortune teller's ball."

major...."You know what?"

ollie...."This is a no brainer..Lets see...You liked the box better?"

major...."Wow, it really works. You could tell what I was thinking."

biped...."The only one that was entertained by the ball was the me. Once it was turned off the little butterflies zipped around because of static electricity.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Major's Tank...

major...."What did you do to my tank?"

heesh...."Nuff'n It's not a tank anymore. It's a transformer."

major....."A transformer? Oh yeah, now its a sled."

major...."Uh, you can move now while its still a sled. Five more minutes and it'll be a magic carpet."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Toy!

major...."Biped! Open our present from Uncle."

groan, moan, rip

biped...."Oh darn, it needs batteries."

major....."This is soooo cool biped."


major....."Biped! Look I gots a tank for Christmas."

angel...."Do you think we should tell her that the toy is in pieces on the counter."

smudge...."Nah let her enjoy herself. Who knows when the biped will find the batteries."

Update.....A million years ago when da biped used to work, she had a friend named Tommy who was a vetran of the Korean war. Medical care then was not what it is today so when he got injured it took so long to get help that he ended up paralyzed and eventually assigned a humongous electric wheel chair. It left Tommy a wee bit bitter to say the least. So when Operation Desert Storm came along Tommy was sitting there in the cafeteria and said that he'd gotten a letter from the Army. He stated that they wanted to throw a card board box over him and his wheel chair and call him a tank. When I saw Major in her box it reminded me of my old friend.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Fickle Kisser

major...."Just because you're pretending to be nice Ollie, doesn't mean that you get my fox stole."

major....Uncle is still in the hospital. He has something called A Fib and they're work'n on it. Smudge says that if he doesn't get better soon that we should get the horse doctor to head over there with his big needle."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuff Tuesday...

major...."It's really cold here in da Ozarks. The ice monster missed us but we got about an inch of snow. Poor ole brother Heesh got cold cuz the biped is real tight wad when it comes to using the heater. So I was a good sisfur and let Heesh use my new fox stole."

major...."Oh, and most important can you all purr for our Uncle who is in the hospital. He is having a hard time breathing and his heart is acting up. His lungs were damaged pretty bad by the nasty C thing."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our New Dog....

smudge (to heesh).....It's true. I heard grandma say it. We gots a new dog."

Heesh...."Where is it? I haven't seen it."

smudge...."I think it may of escaped. Grandma said something about it trying to get out the door when she took dumb and dumber out."

annie...."What are we going to call it? Dumbest?"

major...."I gots out da door. Twice on da biped and onced with grandma."

major..."If you sit right here, when she opens da door for dumb and dumber you can shoot right out da door."

smudge...."Dats a silly thing to do. There's scary things out there."

major..."I know I caught dis fox. I wapped it really hard."

major...."It tried to put da bitey on me but I was quicker. Wait till tomorrow and I'll show you whats I did wif it."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Sisfur...

annie...."Biped! It's staring at me. I just know it's going to pounce."

biped...."Sigh...It's almost 4am. Ignore it and get on your pillow so we can go to sleep."

annie...."It's still staring..."


biped...."It's gone. Now go to sleep."

annie...Bipeeed, there's a cat under that magazine."

biped..."It's 4 am. Annie has nudged the magazine off the Major. Ollie is now in bed using the magazine as a pillow.. Annie and Major are now VBF's. Ooops, Annie falls asleep, dead center of the bed. Major has burrowed under the blankets and is now root'n under Annie. I guess I should put a couple bandaides on the night stand because there's no way I'm going to get my feet into bed without somefur taking a bite cuz I got in their space..."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little Sisfur...

sound of jungle music playing softly in the back groud

major....."dummm, di dummm, dummm. i isn't looking at da mousie... dummm, di dummm, dummmm, i is good kitty.. dummm"

biped...."Wow look at that. It jumped right into your mouth."

major....."Now how did dat happen."

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Good Life...

smudge...."Check out Brother Heesh!"

annie....."Wow, breakfast in bed."

smudge..."Things are look'ng up in da Ozarks."