Monday, June 1, 2009

Mancat Monday

ollie...."Hey Giggles, did you see dat brother Heesh may git a gyrl friend? I don't understand why I don't have one too."
giggles...."I know, even Smudge has a gyrl friend. What do you think it wrong?

giggles..."Maybe it's da box. It says frut. Maybe dey tink you're dumb and can't spell."
ollie...."I'm not dumb. I'm in da fancy french box. Hey I know what I can do!"
ollie...."I could invite da gyrlz over to play wif our new Plague Rat! No one can resist it!"
giggles.."I don't tink gyrlz like rats."
ollie... "You know, grlz don't sound like much fun. Maybe we can invite mencats. Mencats aren't afraid of nuttin!
giggles...."Yeah, who needs gyrls anyway!"


Alasandra said...

We are girls and we like to hunt rats and dead them. ~Scylla & Charybdis

The Island Cats said...

Hey, we'll come over...we don't like them silly girls either!

Wally & Ernie

Sweet Praline said...

What would all of the mancats do without the beautiful lady cats?

CCL Wendy said...

You only needs a girl cat if you hasn't been fixed. I bet you has been fixed.

Angel and Kirby said...

Not all girl cats hate rats!

Daisy said...

Well, I have to admit that Harley loves the Plague Ratsie much more than I do.

Evy said...

Hey! I'm a girl, and I like chasing rats. And I'm not scared of anything.