Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Bug

giggles...."Da biped thought she'd show you a fire fly, so she went out last night wif da flashy box. There aren't many fire flies this year. We don't know if it's because we've had too much rain or what but they're hard to catch when they're "flashing". The biped was going to take a picture of some car headlights and tell ya that it was a firefly but we thought that we might be banned from da blogosphere for life so we stold dat picture. So HERE's da best (snicker) picture dat she took."

ollie...."We were kinda embarrassed by da firefly picture so we made da biped dig in da folder for a good bug picture. We liked this pretty dragon fly picture. Its resting on a stem of grass dat arched over our pond."

giggles..."Speaking of embarrassment, here's another picture of our pond wif a pretty flower. Da biped has planted all kinds of flowers around da pond and some trees. Hopefully da bipeds look at the plants and not da pond."

ollie..."Da biped is really proud to have a pond in da yard. She say's only distinquised bipeds have one. We fink dat dis is another Angelhart fairy tale cuz we knows how da pond ended up in our yard."
giggles..."Before dey could move our home onto da property dey had to pour cement trenches so dey could chain our new home to da ground in case of high winds. So dey hired dis big biped who knew EVERYTHING to bring a big truck full of cement. Since he knew EVERYTHING he didn't listen to the old man and he decided to take a shortcut across da yard instead of staying on da driveway. About six feet in da hind wheels started sinking. Da driver gab it more gas and da wheels spun and spun and da back end sunk deeper. Preety soon da smart driver got on his radio and called his buddy who was REALLY da smartest guy in da county. Well here came da buddy and his cement truck. Dey borrowed a big chain from da old man wif da tractor and hooked da two trucks together and da mud flew and da second truck was now axle deep about ten feet in front of da first truck. Da old man wif da tractor smiled and resumed digging da trenches for da sewer and da electric lines. You better take over giggles, I'm outta breath."
giggles...."We don't know if it was da first smart driver or da second one, but after a lot of cussing dey called a third guy wif a toe truck. Well da big one wasn't available but da middle sized truck was so dey sent dat. Dey hooked a wench on da second cement truck which was still full of cement and da little toe truck slid backward. Dey put rocks behind it and it just sat dare wif smoke coming out of da wench. Da old man has now finished digging da sewer line, and da electric lines and da first cement truck has run out of gas and da second one is close to running out and da old man is blocked in and sitting dare costing da biped $50.00 an hour. Da toe truck guy says some naughty words and drives away and da cement guys go over to da old man. Da old man smiles and shakes his head no and den he drives away. Its getting very hot now because dis is August and da cement trucks are quiet and da cement has turned solid."

ollie...."Dis part is neat. Just about den here comes da old man and he has a HUGE CAT. He unloads da huge Cat off an old truck and it lumbers down da driveway. Dey hook a big chain on da cement truck and da Cat grunted a couple time and da truck drove away. Another tug by da Cat and da second cement truck is gone, but not before da cement man who knew EVERYTHING handed da old man a BIG handfull of green papers. Wif da trucks off da "lawn" there was now two wholes the size of a cement truck."

giggles..."And dat's how we got our pond and how our little town has a statute that looks an awful lot like da body of a cement truck."


Angel and Kirby said...

That was one BIG CAT! We don't have many fire flies, either!

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

WOWZA! Youz know how ta do contracting talkz! Kewel!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hahaha! Our mum's eyes are leaking cuz she's laffin so much. Bet the old man was laffin too! We think your pond looks pretty with the flowers around it.

Daisy said...

You guys crack me up! I think it would have been funny to say the headlight was the firefly. Hahahahah! Well, I can see the little speck, er, firefly in your photo plain as day!

Reese =^..^= said...

Dat was quite a story. I am not surprised a CAT saved da day! Hooray. I like you's pond anyway.

peggy and The Cats said...

Great story! Of course a CAT saved the day. Mom says she hasn't seen any fireflies since she was a teenager. Too much of the natural land gone.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

That is quite a story of how a pond was born. Teri gets all excited when she sees fireflies cuz they didn't have them where she used to live. But she never brings them in to us cuz she doesn't like bugs like we do!