Thursday, September 24, 2009

The last Design Star

ollie...."Ok we swore we would not watch the designless star's show but we had to see just HOW bad a designer he was. Well we believe dat antonio is actually da biped's evil stepfather reincarnated. Da evil stepfather once helped his best friend pour da cement floor for his new living room. ESF (evil stepfather) suggested that they put a drain pipe (kinda like a shower drain) in the center and slightly slant da floor towards the drain. When da poor wife got home dat night there it was, a drain in the middle of her new living room floor. ESF could not understand what the ruckous was cuz it sure would make it easy to clean da living room wif a garden hose."

ollie...."There we are watching Antonio, and he invites dese biker type guys in to work on his house (actually real biker type guys would probably disagree wif dat statement., dey actually looked like escapees from some jail). Oh, the story line goes that HGTV has given Antonio 5 days to finish his bare to the bones house. Antonio puts da biker friends to work and then starts shopping. He picks out a sissal carpet which he hopes won't show da dog slobber. When told that it probably would show it he says dat da dog better learn how to keep his slobber in his mouth or stay off da carpet. Then he goes to a paint detail shop where they do pin striping and build motor cycles and brings in two full sheets of MDF (4x8 foot sheets of fiber board) and instructs da guy how to make his Chicana Headboard for his bedroom. Then he bought some lacquer end tables and had da guy spray paint (metalic of course) and pin stripe dose."

Heesh...."And you shoulda seen da biped...We thought she was going to have a stroke. Every four or five sentences Antonio mentioned dat Chic's would dig his house, or dat he could get some "action on" in da bedroom."

ollie...."So here's a picture of Mr. Antonio's bedroom complete wif Sombrero Girl. And for all you Chic's out dare, we fink dat he's available."

picture from hgtv
biped...."On another blog, we read dat if you look really close to da picture you can see a pair of brass knuckles on da bedside table."


our journey to ivf said...

oooh, what to say? well, yikes.

-us4 gatos

The Island Cats said...

Yikes! We think HGTV is gonna regret selecting Antonio...

pee ess. our dad always thought it would be a good idea to have a drain in the middle of the kitchen floor to make it easy to clean everything..."just hose 'er down!" has always sed NO!!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I don't think I could shut my eyes in that bedroom and that's without Antonio there! (that's mewmie speaking)

Eric and Flynn said...

Hmm yeah, different!

Sam and Andy said...

Down with Antonio....he should never have won...he has the charisma of a toad!!!!!

Have a purrrrrrrrfect weekend. :)

Daisy said...

Antonio does not have good taste. And he has fangs for teeth.