Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bun Warmer Problems

smudge...."Why is all this stuff in our bed? Why is our bun warmer unplugged?"

ollie...."The biped doesn't look very happy. This may be one of those moments where its better to be seen and not heard."

smudge...."Uh, biped, it's getting a bit nippy in here. Ummm, I'll just be sitting here when you get done wif dat email and you plug my bun warmer back in."

sound of typing.....

To.....Ozarkian Freecyclers:

Dear Freecyclers, we have various computer/printer/scanners available for pick up.
Almost new Kodak combo scanner printer with new, never used ink cartridges. Perfect printer for a handyman who can remove severe paper jam and or fur balls.
Also available HP 4600 combo printer scanner with almost new ink cartridges. Has slight smell of soured milk, only used about six weeks. (For your info, Best Buy warranties does not cover milk damaged printers, even if it was spilt by a cute cat." Also available two computer monitors. One is 24 inches Sony Trinitron, smells a bit like burnt cat hair, probably could be used for parts. Second monitor was only used three weeks. It is also a 24ish inch LG Flatron with a small scratch/dent in screen caused when cat tried to scratch her ear it tipped it over on the desk. (ps, Best Buy does not quarantee that moniters are cat proof." Ooops, forgot the two year old GE monitor dat had a dust/hair problem."
Please email if interested, more equipment will probably be available next week."

Heesh...."Hey guys, da biped's getting rid of da good monitor. It was a full body warmer."

Ollie...."Yeah, I remember dat one. Dey don't make dem like dat any more."

smudge..."I tink dat we'd better be quiet or she may freecycle us."

ps....Da 24ish inch LG monitor was replaced with an identical model at da biped's expense. Da biped turned around to get a roll of duct tape to tape it to the desk top when Annie jumped up and over it went. This time the screen wasn't dented so she slid it back into da box and took it back. We tink dat dey felt sorry for her and gave her another one."


The Island Cats said...

We think they should start offering a cat and woofie warranty on all 'puter equipment!

Daisy said...

Computers sure are fragile! I remember when Harley spilled water on our laptop keyboard and broked the "a" key.

Misha said...

My Mummy has Mac computer stuff - seems to be kitty proof so far! :)

Furkidsmom said...

Tamir walked on Mom's keyboard and crashed her computer once. She wasn't happy.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Eric and Flynn said...

Uh oh sounds like your mum needs a kitty proof compooter.

Sweet Praline said...

This doesn't sound good. I'm driving my mom crazy by walking across her laptop keyboard a lot lately.

Angel and Kirby said...

Mom has a big Dell XPS laptop that the keyboard detaches and can be user wireless. That is the best way for all of us.