Friday, September 18, 2009

The Great Escape in da Ozarks!

ollie...."Da biped doesn't get up early usually so she misses out on lots of things, but yesterday was a "quilting day wif da ladies" so she got up and left very very early (10:30 am) to go to da quilt shop."

ollie...."When she walked off da front porch she looked down and saw what looked like a HUGE peice of licorice or an old fan belt, that was moving."

biped to herself..."hmmm, I've never seen moving licorice before, could dat be a ?"

biped.... "SNAKE! Grandma theres a SNAKE! sound of running feet. Slamming screen door. more running feet... door slams again" Do you see it?"
grandma...."Sure (blank look on face)"
biped wif clicky box..."DID YOU see that SNAKE?"
Grandma wif big eyes "That's one big snake. It went under the bush. Stay away from the bush!"
biped...."Its a nice snake. It's a black snake, it only eats eggs, small birds and..."

Grandma...."CHIPPY! Where's the hoe?"

ps....No snakes or chipmunks were harmed this morning. We never did get a picture of the snake. By the time da biped got the camera turned on, and her head under da big bush, just the tail of the snake was visible. So da biped had to reposition herself to try for yet another shot, and then, right there, two feet in front of her was Chippy staring right into the lens. The snake had passed right below where chippy was sitting.

Here's what we tink dat da snake said when he got home.

snake...."Martha! (snakes wife) You're right! Big Foot does exist! There I was just about to get us a plumb chipmunk for breakfast and Big Foot came crashing thru the bushes and nearly stomped me into da ground."

Chippy to da misses...."There I was! It was terrible. Either I was going to be sushi for some darned black snake, or boiled in oil by some redneck! It was just horrible, and then this old lady ran up and tried to bean me on da head wif a hoe! It's a miracle I survived!"


Eric and Flynn said...

Hahahaha! Bet that Chippy was glad to see Bigfoot!
I catch snakes if I see them. They live down in the bracken at the bottom of one of our fields. Mum has a fit when she sees me bringing them back for her.

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Ooooo, what a harrowing morning and how skeery fur da little Chippie! Old lady - you ain't no old lady☺

Angel and Kirby said...

Those black snakes can look very scary. I am sure Chippie will agree with you !

Sam and Andy said...

MOL MOL MOL....Mommy is really happy though that you didn't get a piccy of that snake....she goes "bonkers" even seeing a piccy of one.

Have a purrrrrrrrrrfect weekend.

Daisy said...

One time, a snake got in our house. And you know what my Mommeh did? She called her mom. In another state! Hahahaha!

Reese =^..^= said...

My Mommy just fainted. She wouldn't be a very good helper.

The Island Cats said...

We don't see many snakes around here...we think we're glad we don't...