Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Totally Uncouth

ollie...."Da biped pounded and pounded and smashed things like fingers and such and got all the way across the dining room wif da new floor. She only has one row left (da hardest because there's no wapping room) which she promises to get done on Thursday. Tomorrow is a sewing day at da Church. And Why might you ask do I say that its Totally Uncouth?

ollie...."Because da biped had just crawled into her room when Dumber decided it was dinner time. She gingerly picked up peices of kibble and hauled it out onto the new floor where she would drop it. Then she'd slobber all over da pretty floor and run back to da dish and get another peice. And wouldn't you know it! She'd run to a different spot to drop it and start the slobber process over again leaving little gummy peices of kibble all over da place. Now if you'll excuse me its time to bug da biped for some Temptashuns."


Angel and Kirby said...

Just like a slobber hound! We know your biped is getting excited that the floor is nearly done. On the part that does not have any wapping room she needs an electric hammer like Dad got at Sears to finish the bathroom. It doesn't have to have a lot of room.

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Wow, they make a tool that the biped doesn't have? She can add it to her Christmas list

The Cat Realm said...

The floor looks nice from what we can see! Will be good for cleaning up the messes the slobber hound makes, hahahahahahahahahahaha

CCL Wendy said...

Such a funny picture -- it's a very strange angle that makes her feet look so small!

Nice floor -- easy to spot the kibble, anyway!