Sunday, April 12, 2009

Too Many Sidewalk Superintendants....

smudge...."It looks like a bomb went off in here."
biped... "You could try helping. I spent half da day digging cats out of heater vents."
Ollie....."Oh dat's where Annies at?"
giggles..."It looks like we may eventually have a floor in da liven room."
smudge...."I thought it was goin ta be done by Easter."
ollie.... "Dat changed last week. Now she says mother's day."
smudge...."Did you hear her tell Grandma dat she wanted a rose carpet just like Ms. Peach has."
giggles... "Carpet? Didn't she just rip out da carpet?"
smudge.... "She wants a victorian looking carpet in front of da sofa."

biped...."Hey Mom! After we hit da Monday special at KFC's tomorrow do you want to check out dat new flea market?
ollie...."OMC! I hope da cheapskate finds a carpet and doesn't try to make one!
biped... "I heard dat Ollie!


The Island Cats said...

Cats in the heater vents?? Oh my!

Rusty said...

Cats in the heater vents, oh my that could get a bit tricky in my house. I know all about doing that floor thing, a couple years ago, my humans redid the floor in the kitchen like that, but they never left the heater vent cover off so that me and Grady couldn't get in trouble, although I think we were too big to get inside.

Angel said...

That floor stuff is hard work!

Elin~ said...

What is going on?


Parker said...

The heck with the carpet, those boxes are cool!

Daisy said...

That looks like a big job! But I'll bet it will look real good when it's all done.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Are yoo guys doing a good job of snoopervising, sometimes known as "distracting"? Looks like yoo are. We're not allowed to call mom cheap any more, we hafta say frugal, but it means da same thing.

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

The heater vents were just set in da holes so da kitties (Annie) learned how to pull them out wif her claws. One of the vents completely disappeared. Annie and Ollie could move from one room to another by using da vents. Wif da new floor da vents arent going to come out anymore so Annie's not going to be able to nap in da bipeds quilting fabric

Fluffy and Bonkers said...

You guys should definitely try to keep those boxes around as long as you can. Those are perfect places for a good nap!

Fluffy and Bonkers