Monday, April 13, 2009

More home Inspections

Inspector Annie checks out da peice of carpet that's been pulled up. If you notice the new flooring is creeping closer to the center of our home. We hope to be half done tomorrow. Da biped didn't find the "purrfect" rug today but she did get the material for the new curtains.

Here is one of da staples that had to be removed. Da blue foam carpet pad is held down wif these staples along wif da linoleum. There will be no catnaps tomorrow as da biped chisels them out of da floor. There is actually three types of staples holding da carpet down along wif a strip of wood full of nails. All of it must be removed before the new floor goes down.

In this picture Annie is inspecting the "seam" that runs down the middle of our home. (its the white strip)
......... Info for people who've never seen or heard of a "mobile home"

Our home came in two parts. A big truck pulled half of it down the road from a little town named "Salem." This Salem is not the Salem where there were witch hunts, but rather the Missouri Salem. In front and behind our home were trucks with flashing lights so people would not run over our (mobile) home. On some spots the whole road was covered by our home and the cars had to pull off into the weeds. Thank goodness this is Missouri and not California cuz the people here are used to seeing big things in da road and a really nice.

When da trucks get both parts of our home to the property they line the halves up and bolt them together. There is cement under our house and they sit big bricks on the cement and then strap the whole thing down to the cement. Then the men came in laid the carpet put plaster on the roof seam and gave me the keys. The benefit of a mobile home is that it's fast to move in. For example, I sold my old home in California on July 17th, flew to Missouri on the 18th, bought the land on the 19th, the mobile home on the 20th, got all the utilities arranged on the 21st and had cement trucks there before I went back to California to pack. They had to make a "hole" in the forest before they delivered our home but by the 3rd it was all set up and ready to move in.


The Creek Cats said...

Annie, looks like you have lots of work to do! Best of luck with the new flooring! We bet it will look great!

Angel said...

THe good thing with a mobile home is that you get s new, never lived in house and don't have to wait for it to be built!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Especially here in Missouri, where the termites are the size of small dogs and there's no such thing as a building permit.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

ahahahahaha! no such thing as a building permit--ayyyyymen to that! our house has growed by seven rooms ofur the years, an' nefur even smelled a permit!!

we's glad things are comin' on for you. mom sez she wishes OUR house would get finished soon; we's been workin' on it fur 29 years . . .