Thursday, April 9, 2009

No floof, just facts

As dictated by Annie..."Since da biped didn't get to watch CSI tonight, nor the new police show, We're not getting our pictures posted. We didn't bug her too much because she's wasn't in that great of a mood before the weatherman hijacked the tv station. All night long, instead of watching the cute CSI guys we got to watch a map of Arkansas and Missouri. The weatherman came on every five minutes to tell where the big red cloud was in Arkansas, which was really important to us in Missouri. About 9 pm the cloud moved over to Missouri and they started flashing a message to be prepared to go to your storm shelter or to an interior room. Under no circumstance are you to remain in a mobile home when da big red cloud gets near your home. About 10pm da big red cloud passed over our house and the hail started. I crawled under da big imitation oak desk, oh did I mention that we live in a mobile home? The storm didn't last for long, and now its east of us and the moon is peeking thru the clouds so we can take up our spots in da bed."

Ollie... "Oh and quess what! Right in da middle of da hail storm quess who HAD to go outside. Yup dumb and dumber. Dumb (Princess) really isn't dat dumb, she just stood on the porch barking, but Dumber drug da biped all over da yard while both of dem got soaked."


The Creek Cats said...

That big red cloud looks very scary!!!
We are so glad to hear you are all ok!

The Island Cats said...

Oh no! We hope that storm wasn't real bad and glad you are all okay!

pee ess. our mom watch CSI but fell asleep during the new police show...sheesh!

The Meowers from Missouri said...

yes, we had a few nervous minnits, too--dad was ready to herd us all into xingxing's room (inner part of house), but all there was, was hails. dad went out an' got some afterwards an' let us play wif 'em!! then stoopid cocoa crunched 'em up.

Daisy said...

Thank goodness you are safe! When a hurricane is on it's way where we live, there is only weather on all channels, all the time. Boring!

ps: We recorded that new show last night. I hope it's good!

Angel said...

We are glad you are safe. Our Mom hates it, too, when the weather man hijacks the TV!

caspersmom said...

So glad you got through the storm O.K. We live in a mobile home too. We live near a river and the wind comes tearing through here like a freight train at times. Mom sits at her computer and wonders if the mobile is going to stay put. So far so good. We don't get tornadoes but you never say never.