Monday, March 23, 2009

Toesie Tuesday

annie..."ok biped, type this."
biped..."hmmmm, I remember allocating the typing duties to you cats."
annie... "If you don't type, I'll spill your diet coke on your brand new keyboard." "Ready?"
biped... "sigh.."
annie...."The eloquent Spanish actress ra..."
biped..."You're supposedly from New Zealand, you can't just change your ethnicity."
annie..."Ok,edit that to be the eloquent New Zealand actress raised her cup of cat nip tea." "Just why am I from New Zealand again?"
biped.... "Because I had a crush on a kiwi boat captain who spent hours picking out a neat name for you."
annie.... "Annie isn't really that hard of a name."
biped.... "I meant your formal name. Anahere Maia" "It's Maori and means Courageous Angel. Remember you were homeless and part of your ear was bit off."
annie.... "Ok, start typing." "The eloquent NZ actress raised the cup of cat nip tea, just as a herd of ferroucious wolv.."
biped... "sigh, there are no wolves in New Zealand." "Plus you lost the tip of your ear when da boat captain tried to use you as bait."
annie.... "So a herd of sharks bit it off?"
biped.... "Yeah right."


Angel said...

ANnie! We like your formal name. Now you gots Mom wondering what really happened to your ear!

The Island Cats said...

If the opening paragraph is any indication, this story is gonna be good....

Daisy said...

Oh Annie, you make me laugh and laugh!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

I fear that the biped kinda fudged on da missing ear. Only the tippy tip of my ear is missing and thats because I was a feral kitty. In California where I come from, they catch and release kitties to spay them. They clip off the tippy part of da ear so if they get caught again the people know to just release you.

Sweet Praline said...

Oh Wow, Annie. I'm not so sure I want to hear the end of this story.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're relieved to read the comment explaining your ear wasn't really bitten by a herd of sharks. We can't wait to read the story, though!