Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The hypnocat

The OMC's were disappointed by the vet's diagnosis. Instead of distemper he said the biped had a common cold. He told them to take the biped home, give her two aspirins and let her rest. They had other ideas...

Smudge.... "Look into my eyes." "You are feeling sleepy."
biped .... "Sniffle, snort, ..."
Smudge ... "You're not cooperating. You have to fall under my spell so I can cure your cold. Now once again. "Your eyes are getting heavy."
Ollie..... "Hey you did it, she's snoring."
Annie .... "I don't think so, she's just passed out."
Smudge ... "Biped, when I count to three your cold will be gone"
"You will be so happy that you're cured that you'll open 7 cans of stinky goodness."
"And you'll clean the lens on the camera so I don't look like I'm covered in lint."

"One.... Two....
Annie ........ "Ahhhhh



Eric and Flynn said...

So did the hippo-tizm work? Did you get your 7 cans of Stinky Goodness?

The Island Cats said...

We hope that worked and you got lots of stinky goodness!

The Creek Cats said...

Hey thats a great idea. Wonder if it will work on our mom!

Hope it worked for you guys and you got a stinky goodness buffet!

Angel said...

Seven cans of stinky goodness! Thats a lot! Did it work? Is the biped feeling better?

Daisy said...

Oh, I think I been hyp-no-tized!

Angus Mhor said...

Only 7 cans? Dude, I'd've gone for, like, a SQUILLION! I'm gonna show your post to my mom so she'll give ME 7 cans, too!

Elin! said...

Me been hypnotixed too~