Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey Buddy!

ollie ..... "Hey Willie, you should see who's down here!"

willie .... "Wow! I haven't seen him in ages."

ollie.... My arms are too short. Hey biped, come rescue our friend!"

biped... "Grunt, creak, moan.... ##&#!"

willie... "Hi little bud, why you been hiding down dare?"

ollie..." Hey Bud! What happened to your toes?"


biped.... "By the time I had got up from the floor, Angel (dumber) had grabbed Buddy and started to decapitate him. I rescued poor Buddy but his life expectancy isn't that great"

Ps..willie "The heater vents are optional equipment in our home. At least that's what us cats think. One of them has completely disappeared (it must of been eaten by dumb or dumber). The biped has nightmares about Giggles or Heesh going down the vent and getting stuck."


The Island Cats said...

Hey, we're glad to see you got your buddy back!

Daisy said...

It's a secret hiding place! I wish I knew what was in my vents, but they are up on the ceiling.

Derby said...

All my heaty vents are covered, so the toys can't go down them. Plus only one in the floor.

us four gatos said...

this was such a funny and cute post. i really enjoyed it!!

Angel said...

We were wondering how Bud got in that vent! We don't gots floor vents!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Annie likes to play hockey and the vents serve as her goal posts. She can pull them out faster than we can put them back in. We're going to glue them down when we get the laminate flooring done.


PDX pride said...

Wow! That's cool you found him, but I hope he lives long enough for you to play with him again. Our toys like to hide under the fridge and under the stove. Every once in a while, Mommy takes the drawer under the stove out and we go in to retrieve our lost friends.