Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sheltered Saturday

Today was a rough day for us mountain kitties. First the biped got up early (grouchy) and went to the vet. We thought we were safe because no one had to get in da dreaded "cage" but shortly she returned wif (shudder) something called Revolution. Boy that stuff was named correctly because there darned near was one when she started catching us and squirting us. Giggles and Willie have been having trouble wif ear mites (thanks to Willie) and the biped hasn't had any luck wif the liquid stuff. Supposedly Revolution will get rid of ear mites in two months so we'll let you know.

When Willie tried to bite her, the mad biped left again took OUR Uncle Bill to the animal shelter. It must not of been her day because the shelter refused to keep him. Perhaps they'd heard her complain about how much he could eat. She was really impressed at how nice a shelter it was. The kitties and doggies had separate suites and every animal had it's shots. There wasn't a single sickly looking animal. The kitties had two story cages wif hamocks and there was a room where the kitties got to come out and play wif toys. She even went into the doggie side and there was no doggie smell. Grandma doesn't know it but the biped is going back in a week or two to take pictures. I'm sure that has nothing to do wif da cute moma to be siamese that she saw there.


Angel said...

Poor Uncle Bill. Why does he hafta to go to teh shelter?

MoMo said...

I had to have the Revolution stuff too. It's OK so I don't know what the fuss is all about.

Why is Uncle Bill going to the shelter?

Elin! said...

it's me the cute cat, elin!
thanks for dropping by on my blog!
keep in touch..and can we be friend?

Daisy said...

I do not blame you for wanting to stage a little revolution against the Revolution!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

We quess dat we're not "enuf" for Uncle Bill as he's looking for anutter kitty or dawg. The biped on the other hand thinks that he just wants to flirt wif all da gurlz dat work at Petsmart and da shelter.