Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Better Mouse Trap OOps, Liter box

annie... "Biped, what is this thing? A new hidey hole?"
biped ... "No, its the best dog proof liter box ever made. It's the Clever Cat liter box! Its the first step in our home remodling."

annie.... "Biped!"
biped... "What now Annie?"
annie... "Angel is looking at me..."
biped.... "Quit being a drama queen. The label says its dog proof."
annie... "It doesn't seem very dog proof to me."

biped... "Angel?"
angel ... "Yes loving biped?"
biped... "What are you doing?"
angel... "Why biped, I'm helping you!"
biped... "Helping me?"
angel.... "Yes, I'm helping you clean the new liter box. Arn't ya supposed to flip it?"
biped... "Angel...
angel.... "Yessss... Is dat a rolled up news?"
biped.... WHAP!. dog "Did you really think she'd buy da flippin thing?


PDX pride said...

MOL!!!!!! *lots of giggles*

Alasandra said...

LOL!!!! Since we now have a doggie we considered the litter box but as usual the bipeds are guilty of false advertising. It is obviously not dog proof. ~Socks, Scylla, Charybdis and the dog Finris

The Creek Cats said...

Hahaha! Guess it's not so dog proof! We were also concidering purchasing that box to keep our Dixie dog from "cleaning."
Mom was also concerned that we wouldn't climb down inside.

Happy Friday!

Angel said...

Mom's bean dayghter but teh litter box in the laundry room and put a baby gate in the door. The kitties can get to it, but the doggies and blurpy can not!

Daisy said...

I have never seen a litter box like that. Too bad it did not work out exactly right...