Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday in da Ozarks

The biped thought that the other kitties and beans might want to know what a typical Saturday in the Ozarks might be like. First of all in Feb. you're going to be freezing at least part of the day. Today it was most of the day at 24 to 38 degrees. But don't let that worry you because its never crowded at any of the Ozark happenings so it will be a quick dash from your car to whatever building. So lets see what you could of done today if you were lucky enough to be an Ozarkian.
First there was the Annual Chamber Maid dinner, a few miles from that was a Vinison dinner just in case you were'nt able to git a deer this season. I know its misspelled and should be Venison, but nobody other than Grandma seems to care about the spelling. You could take a free selling on ebay class, then hit a pancake breakfast. This one is really good for x-Californians, there's the First Paranormal Conference. As Grandma would say, "I'd like to be a fly on the wall at that one." and best of all, the city of Cabool had a half page ad in their newspaper just so you wouldn't miss that this Saturday is the jig saw puzzle exchange at city hall. The biped skipped all those things to take a free class on how to do cut lace on her embroidery machine.

Above article on da Ozarks was submitted by Sheesh, Queen Bee of da Ozark MOuntain cats.


Angel said...

I think the biped chose wisely! Doing lace on her embroidery will be fun! Our Mom likes doing that too!

Eric and Flynn said...

The vinison dinner sounds good to us. The vishus deer come in our fields in the spring and we spy on them through the hedge. We like vinison, it is yummy.

MoMo said...

We don't have deer in this country so venison is never on the manu. :sigh:

Steppa and her Babys +Lover Guy said...

we dont eate bamby our bean is funny when it comes to it lol i hope u fluff ball had a good wekend