Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Public Service Announcement

major...."Major here with a public service announcement. You'all know how we feared abandonment when da biped signed up for dat facebook thing?"

major...."First she went off and made 230 new friends, then she started a farm. Then as we all laid there unpetted, our hair matting with every single breath, she signed up for a frontier game, and then a cafe aaaand a treasure island so she could earn a make believe cat. Can you imagine that? A make believe cat to feed make believe kibble, oh wait, the cats don't get fed on the farm game, just the dogs, where's the justice with that?"

major...."And then over Christmas week, she started a new city, which she named Angeltown, not CatTown, and there we laid all depressed watching the lights of the fake city illuminate the desktop..."

major...."We were about to commit harricarry, when we met a cat named Wanda over on Catster. Wanda the cat is a VERY smart cat that does her own public service announcements and I must admit that she changed our lives. CatFriends, we the Ozark Mountain Cats think Wanda is the best thing to come along since Temptations. And we can tell you that you have nothing to fear from that FACEBOOK thing. We suggest that you Encourage your humans to sign up just as soon as you read Wanda's latest public service announcement."

major...."that is right after she fills up the fridge with all kinds of yummies. ps...Don't forget the freezer part. Dats where they store the shrimps and ice cream."


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

That Wanda is pretty smart!

Us4 Cats said...

omc! is right. why do the beans waste SO much time on the computer and especially with fake cat stuff WHEN they have the real thing right in front on thems! sigh.

tehehe, mom bean giggled at the frig-raiding picture- she said that looks like our house!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Gosh - inside the fridge - we get told off if we even try to sniff all the goodies!!

Daisy said...

That comic cracks me up!

Father Tom said...

You guys are too much! We were wondering what you've been up to!


Angel and Kirby said...

We will have to try that. Oh, Wait! Mom's PC is in the kitchen and she can see the fridge from her chair!

Lin said...

Hahaha! My kitties just make the best of computer time--they sit on my lap!

OKcats said...

Miss Major, my mom has all that stuff on Facebook, too. And when I try to help her by punching keys or pointing out things on the monitor, I get in trouble. I hope your biped is more appreciative than ours.

Your friend, Zoe

Amin said...

Wonderful blog!

Debra Taylor said...

Yes it can be a bummer when 'beans are into so much virtual stuff. All you want is some TLC! purr out loud and clear for what you need!

For other folks (all kitties and doggies are people to me) reading this, check out my blog. It has stories and information helpful for cat caretakers everywhere. Get your ‘beans to check it out!

Hey, wonderful pets, stay well!