Wednesday, July 7, 2010

safety Tips...

biped...."After reading the Furry Dance blog on how a kitten got hurt by a silly chair we thought back and recalled the near misses we've had over the years."

biped...."Maybe everyone else can list some of their near misses in the comments."

biped..."The major is trying her balancing act on the back of my (her) sewing chair. She likes to sit on the back and watch me sew."

biped...."Speaking of sewing there are a lot of wires involved, and cats and wires don't really go together. Annie was our wire culprit in her younger days and we discovered metal wire covers to protect the computers and annie. Now-a-days they've changed them from metal to a styrofoam type material. One of them is shown below. Contrary to what Major thinks, its not a balance beam."

biped...."The real use for these tubes is to disguise electrical wires when you want to put a light on a new wall without having to call an electrian. They come in several sizes to hide from one to multiple wires. There is a slot in the side where the wire can be slipped in and peel off sticky tape so the tube can be descretely hidden.."

biped...."In the picture above, the cord to my foot pedal has been slipped in the tube and the tube has been attached to the table leg. No longer is there a floppy cord to entice the Major."

biped...."Now some of the things that might surprize you. On older dryers there are mulptiple holes for small cats and kittens to explore. Be sure there is no way for your cat to get behind the washer or dryer. Annie cat used up one of her lives by crawling in."

biped...."Make sure there is no gap between the wall and the back of the washer/dryer. Poor Heesh was hiding from my friend's kids and managed to slip behind the washer. Once behind the washer he was unable to get back out. If your washer/dryer won't fit flush with the wall because of hoses/ect, it's very easy to put a shelf that reaches from the wall and rests on top of the washer thus blocking access."

biped...."And that shelf makes a nice place to store cleaning products. I made a cabinet with a locking door to keep the cleaning stuff away from my friend's kids."


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

These are great safety tips! My human's washer and dryer are in the garage, and we are not allowed in there, so that keeps us away from them.

MoMo said...

There are a lot of super safety tips; tips that only experienced cat owners can give - Thanks++++++!!!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Thank you for giving us those safety tips - it's just amazing where a determined kitty can get!!

Harry Spotter said...

Thanks for the great safety tips. You can never be too careful.

Angel and Kirby said...

Mom likes the wire things! She will look into those.