Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How do they do that?

biped...."There must be a gene, the catfear gene, that cats can immediately sense when a group of people walk into a room."

biped....."Our quilting guild makes baby quilts for needy moms in the Ozarks. This year, our leader has decided we'd do 10,000 inches of baby quilts and we formed teams, thus meaning that "people" were coming to my house."

biped...."So here comes friend along with her daughter. Daughter is a cat lover in training (she only has 2), but friend has no cats. Don't think she discriminates cuz she doesn't have a dog either."

biped...."We walk into the sewing cabin and friend starts ironing the wringkled fabric. I have no clue why but she was slower than all get out. Her daughter oooh and ahhed and played with the baby."

biped...."All of a sudden there was a shriek and the iron went flying and baby (Major) had afixed herself on friend's rump."

biped...."Well I've never seen her do that before, I said."

friend's daughter..."tee hee"

biped...."You woulda thought that Major was a saber tooth tiger the way friend jumped up and down twirling in circles trying to dislodge her."

biped...."Not once did the tiger attack me or friend's daughter. We obviously lack the catfear gene, or it is disquised by catfur." By the time a half hour had passed by friend was twitching."

friend...."It's looking at me. It's going to attack again."

biped..."Nah, she's falling asleep."

friend..."I know a sleep'n face and that ain't one!"

friend....."Oh God! It's going to attack!"

friend's daughter...."Hee hee hee"


TK and Squashies said...

Oh we thinks we knows the roots of the catfear gene. We thinks that when beans fears us they watches us a little too intently and we thinks they is stalking us. When kitties stare unblinking, we is looking for a pounce-solushun (likes a shooting-solushun only wif teefies and claws.) So we thinks when somebeans stares they going to attacks us. For babies dat means invitashuns to play.
We suggests your friend looks at kitty to catch hims eye, then slowly close hers eyes a few times. (Not to smile, not good to shows teefies.) Then little kitty knows that your friend is hims friend too and not makes attack.
We not there to see, so we could be wrong. But this always work for us when introdusing new beans to kitties.

Angel and Kirby said...

Cats always know who does not like them! And they will go to that person first!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

MOL! Humans are such funny, funny creatures!

Katnip Lounge said...

hee hee! Of COURSE the Major is a saber tooth tiger...at least in his lil tot mind, he is.