Friday, May 22, 2009

Wheez, sneeze and grumbles

Our friend Rufus did a review of the Furminator so da biped decided to show a picture of Grandma de-furminating Smudge. If you peek you can see Giggles leg. He was the first one to the table when we got it out. Us kitties are trained to come running when da biped thumps the table wif da furminator. It kinda resembels a Biped family reunion. There's a few that get a bit tipsy (or would dat be nipsy) while standing in line. Then a couple of us get tired of waiting for their turn so we start a fight. Then Dumb and Dumber start shouting (barking) and trying to shove us cats out of the way so they can get combed. Even shy little Sheesh comes out and joins the fracas. If she was a biped she'd probably be the reclusive artistic aunt. When its Dumb and Dumber's turn da biped heads outside. After one time of trying to clean up drifts of white hair in the house, she makes some lame excuse about going green and letting da birdies use doggie hair to reinforce their nests.

We're sorry dat we've been slow posting lately. Da biped is still fighting wif da carpet and da paint and she's sick again wif another cold. This is the third cold since Christmas. Grandma is sick again too. Smudge thinks that she may have furballs from combing his hair but da biped says no, that its some bug thats made them sick. Speaking of furballs, check out dis one. Dats about five minutes worth of brushing on Smudge and Giggles.


Angel said...

We are sorry the Biped ans Grandma have colds again We certainly understand about paint and stuff. Mom and Dad are still trying to put the bathroom back together! Hopefully 3 days off will get it done. That is one big furball!

Eric and Flynn said...

That's lots of fur. We both love the furminator too.

CCL Wendy said...

Oh my goodness that's a lot of fur. I want one of those Furminator things, but they're kind of pricey (specially since I live in Canada and have to pay a heft exchange rate).

Anyway, my Dylan is home and I certainly thank you for your well wishes.