Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jack or Jill

Meet Jack, or perhaps Jill, our newest oppossum friend. We don't get to go out and play wif Jack, but when da biped isn't looking he sneaks up on our porch and talks to us threw the door. The other night, Jack made the mistake of visiting while da biped was still up. She picked up da flashy box and followed Jack through the yard.

Jack has absolutely no fear of da biped or da flashy box. Obviously he didn't talk to his cousin Jeb who got da pointy end of a pitch fork when he was found in da chicken house. Actually da biped really felt bad about dat when she read up on possums. According to Possum Pop they don't eat chickens and most likely he was just eating da chicken feed. Anywho, da biped waddled after Jack and he crossed da road, nibbled on some dandelion greens (Now da biped has another excuse for not mowing the darned lawn) and then he headed towards da pond.

All of a sudden da froggies started jumping into da pond and Jack disappeared into the bushes (weeds). We don't tink dat he caught a frog dat time cuz of da biped and da flashy box, but he was all wet when she caught up wif him on da other side of da pond.

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Reese =^..^= said...

Oh, dat is sum excitement wiff dose possum!