Thursday, May 14, 2009

The KFC chicken hunt continues

a very excited Ollie here..... "Quess what we got! A post card from KFC. Remember dat da biped wrote them and complained when she couldn't get the free chicken?"

"They even wrote da biped a note and appologized."

annie...."Da notes hard to read. What does it say?"
ollie...."It says hers's your coupon for a free two peice dinner."
annie...."I don't see a Coupon?"
ollie...."Our coupon is gone?"
annie...."It's been ripped off da card. There's just a little nubbin left."
ollie...."I think it's time to put Dumb and Dumber to work.
ollie..."We can have dem interogate da mailman. I bet he has chicken fingers."


The Creek Cats said...

Oh no!! Wonder who stole the KFC coupon??? That wasn't very nice!

Angel said...

That was not nice at all! You get KFC to send you a card and coupon and some one takes it!

Eric and Flynn said...

We wonder who the bad person was that stole the card.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

The mailman did it? We never would have guessed! We'd have guessed the butler did it. Or the maid. But never the mailman. They have to take an oath that they won't steal KFC coupons, no matter what!!!!

Rufus Raves said...

That's not nice!!!

Sweet Praline said...

Oh no! My mom never got the chance to take her coupons to KFC.

Thanks for the suggestion about the flea bomb. My has a pest control contract with Terminix and flea treatment is part of the contract. She said she is going to call them and ask them to treat the house next week while both of us are gone.

Reese =^..^= said...

Ohhhhhhhh! There's a chicken thief out there somewhere!

The Island Cats said...

Now someone stole your coupon??? This story is going from bad to worse!

Daisy said...

Someone STOLED your coupon? OH NOES! That is very, very, very Wrong.