Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July ....

Ollie...."We almost jumped out of our skins! Dare was a big Bang! bANG! Bang! on da door, and dumb and dumber exploded into a barking frenzy and a Man was at the door."

major...."Yes there was a man at the door wif a HUGE box from Peggy's Place."

Ollie..."Once da man left we ripped open da box."

major...."Tell it was a huge box. And it smelled like fishes."

ollie...."It was full of beautiful fluffy blankets...There was a purpley one."

major...."And there was fishes that I opened and scattered all over the clean kitchen counter which now smells like fishes."

ollie...."And there was a pretty pink blankie..."

major...."We'll show you more tomorrow but right now I gotta eat these fishies before annie gets here."

Ollie...."Thank the cats at Peggy's place for the blankies."

major..."Thank you Peggy's cats for da fishies."

Ollie..."I never saw any fishies."


Kwee Cats said...

We just wuz you guys! You all the ways make us smile :-) We think it's so neat with you get neat stuff, in a box - a box! Wow. Neat stuff and a box! You guys are going to has so much funs!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

OMC! You got Peggy's Place for your partner?! Lucky you, getting those fab blankets!!!

Random Felines said...

YEAH! We can't wait to see your new blankies... we bet they are fabulous!

OKcats said...

Oooh, you guys scored big time! We've heard nothing but wonderful things about Miss Peggy's blankies! And fish too?! Woohoo!!!!

Lin said...

Oh, that was nice! I wanna see the blankets!!