Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kibble Time

Lgk....."Wow, look at this human kibble."

Gus....."Wow that's really huge!"

Momcat...."Does it taste good?"

Lgk......"Not really.  It could use a little salmon juice."
Gus....."Hey, here comes the biped.  Maybe she's bringing the salmon juice."
Lgk...."No, its a cup of that hot steamy stuff."
Gus...."Hey, look!  She's dipping her kibble in the hot stuff."
Momcat....."Well that's insulting.  She sure is acting uppitty.  Everyone knows there isn't germs in kitty slobber."


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Humans have the strangest eating habits!

Nicola Carpenter said...

How ungrateful! After you went to all the trouble of softening it up for her.

The Paw Relations

Angel and Kirby said...

And she did not give you nibbles?

Cat Street Boyz said...

Hi(((waving)))! After that horrible Sandy storm finally left, .....late last night our electric came back on! Yeah!! It was suppose to be a week but we found out, living outside the park, we are on a high priority list since we are connected to the park. We have a small generator that helped keep us warm and run a little TV, plus a few lights. Mommy said she can't recall a worse storm 'cause this was the first one that scared all the humans in the house except Gram, she doesn't hear well so she slept through the craziness!
Mommy especially loves the new orange kitten.......Mom went way back on your posts to catch up on life in the Ozarks....you sure have funny visitors, we just get deer, owls, herons, falcons and big turkey vultures. Our blog will be back. See ya soon, the CSBz, Holly and ICE

Lin said...

You can't just lick those things--you gotta take a BITE!

(A)FSS and Alasandra said...

MOL!!!!! Our Mommy would have feed it to the dog if we nibbled on it.