Saturday, September 11, 2010

Only in Missouri...

biped...."It all started about a week ago in the little town of Mexico Missouri. A goat suddenly appeared, wandering around in down town. It's main objective was to humiliate the local dog catcher and police. It did a really good job."

biped...."The towns people delighted in its ability to avoid capture and named the goat, Billy Gruff Goat. Billy avoided capture and car collisions for two or three days and then suddenly........"

biped...."Billy learned to type. The next thing he did was sign up for Facebook. Just like everyone he started out with a few supportive friends."

supportive friend...."RUN FREE BILLY! Don't let them catch you."

biped....."Then a cute goat from Indiana chimed in that she was interested in Billy. It seems from the bulge in her mid-section that she might have been interested in someone else too."

biped...."Within a couple days Billy had a couple thousand fans following his movements. Even people from New Zealand were sending him well wishes."

biped...."Then the unthinkable happened. No not that tire screeching unthinkable thing, the other one. Some yahoo went home, got his horse and caught poor Billy. His fight for freedom was over. All this information was funneled to his growing following, now way over 5,000 people by Billy typing messages on his facebook account."

"Well the cowboy took Billy to the local stockyard where they held him captive. Thank goodness he managed to get a generator started and an old computer cranked up so he could keep sending messages to his online family."

biped...."By Monday he had over 7,000 friends and an emergency city council meeting scheduled to determine his fate. Would he be adopted by the SPCA?, or would it be BBQ City for Mr. Goat. At the meeting it was decided that he was a goat (duh) and thus not a pet so he was off to the auction yard. Doomsday was Thursday, after lunch."

biped..."Early wed. morning t-shirts were being printed to raise money for Billy's rescue fund. By 2pm Wed. Billy managed to get a bank account opened. Oh they had also added two minie donkeys to his pen. They were named Donkey and Donkey. They too miraculously learned to type. For example while he was at the auction, they were left to type messages on Facebook."

biped...."By about 8pmish Wed., billy got a Pay Pal account. Now he was cooking. He was getting money from all over the world., and the fights began. Several posters were afraid that Billy was some sort of Algueda spy raising money for evil people. There was one poor poster that kept popping on saying, "Please, please, don't let them fool you. There's no way goats can type." This person sounded very nice and sincere. I swear she thought that all of us "city folk" really thought that Billy Gruff Goat was typing messages."

biped...."Then D-day came. Billy was paraded around the arena. Actually beeing a stubborn goat he mostly just stood there and the bidding began. After much haggling the agreed price for Mr. Billy Gruff Goat was $2,500.00. The stock yard donated the money to the Spca and Billy and Donkey and Donkey were hauled off to a happy farm with a nice barn. Billy is resting up and Donkey and Donkey are watching Andy Griffith episodes on an ole tv."

biped...."It seems like there may be no end for Billy. So if you want to "follow" him just do a search for "The Mexico Goat" on face book. Billy said that he may post photos tomorrow of the farm if he can figure out how to hold the camera."


Daisy said...

Thanks for sharing that great story! Hooray for Billy! I just found him on Facebook, too.

Hannah and Lucy said...

What a great story - we are suckers for happy endings.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Interesting things certainly do happen here in Missouri!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon (proud Missouri residents)

Furkidsmom said...

We're going to check out his Facebook page! What a cool guy Billy is!
Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Katnip Lounge said...

This is too much! Mommy HAS to let us on FB now. We want to be fans of Billy the Goat (and Donkey & Donkey)!!

Angel and Kirby said...

Yeah for Billy and his donkeys!