Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The bestest part of Catmus, so says Baby Moose ......

Are da boxes.  All da boxes.  We gots our Secret Paws present yesterday and da HuMom is horrible.  She putz it up on a high shelf so we can't reach it.  We're so mad at her dat we've slowed down our hissing at each other.

See.  I'm wiffin a foot of da Momcat and she ain't hissin at me.

Friday, December 13, 2019

It's extremely quiet tonight.  You might even say Peaceful.  No hiding or hissing from the big cats as Baby Moose is having a sleep over at the vet.  Nothing serious says the big cats.  It was time for a little snipitty snip snip if  you know what I mean.

I caught Momcat trying to text the vet to have his pointy little teeth removed too, but I doubt that she's going to get that Christmas Wish full filled.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Not every furry is really happy about having a new brother.  Especially a brother like a baby Moose.  LGK's face kinda says it all.

LGK (little grey kitty) thinks Moose's name should be either Crash, Bang or Nippie.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Rainy Day Cat Tales

It's a rainy day in da Ozarks so the HuMom and DadDog Riley is inside.  They're all mine.  Did da HuMom tell you that I'm a rare Fetcher Cat.  I think I play fetch because I had a DadDog instead of a CatMom.  I fetch the ringie thing off HuMom's big water bottles.  I don't quite know how DadDog taught me to fetch when he won't fetch anything but stray cats.

Da HuMom took a new picture of me when I was falling asleep.  She tucks me into her sweat shirt and makes a pillow on the keyboard tray.  I  could sleep there all day except she has to keep getting up to use the litter box.

Did you notice my cute toe beans?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

It's been way to long since the Humom posted on our blog.  Too many of us kitties have passed on to the rainbow bridge.  The Humom has been berry sad and I guess that's why when the mean human decided to chuck me out the car window, he did so right here at the Ozark lady's house.  Now I have a Humom and a dogDad.  By the way my name is Moose.  Baby Moose for now till I get all big.

Dis is me and my dogDad.  He's trying to teach me that it's not nice to steal his milkbones.  He's not having much luck wif dat cuz he's old and fat and I've got super speed cuz  I'm like a Ninja Cat.

Ok, lets get back to how I ended up wif da lady who wasn't going to get any more animals cuz she's old.  She and her dog were out wandering around in da yard when Pigpen the onery feral mooch cat marched me outta da woods and straight up to my new HuMom and Dogdad.  At first Dogdad wanted to eat me but since Pigpen introduced us  Dogdad invited me to his house.  HuMom said no but dat lasted about 15 minutes.

Well I gotta go now but I'll leave you wif one of the newest pictures of me. 

Yeah I know.  I is going to be one good looking Ninja Cat.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Everyone deserves their own Pillow Cat.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yappy New Year

There must of been an "after party" because when the biped finally crawled out of bed she found Riley still trying to get his guests to wake up and go home.

Happy New Year from the Ozark Mountain Cats!